Xpg prime argb: XPG showcases new PC components and accessories

Offering high performance products for gamers, hardware enthusiasts and professional esports players, XPG announced its new Bronze certified PYLON PSU family, VENTO processor fans and PRIME ARGB LED strips.

Following the success of the XPG CORE REACTOR power supply that it launched during the year , the brand’s second PSU model has features to meet the needs of a wider range of users. The product, which succeeded in obtaining the 80 Plus Bronze certificate, offers a performance close to Gold-level power supplies with a conversion efficiency of 89%. Designed to work 24/7 without interruption, XPG PYLON comes in four different wattage options as 450W, 550W, 650W and 750W to meet different usage needs .

Xpg prime argb: XPG showcases new PC components and accessories

XPG’s new VENTO 120 and VENTO 120 ARGB fans offer users high cooling capacity without annoying fan noise. Both fan models can provide 45.3 CFM (Cubic feet / minute) air flow while operating at 1200RPM speed. The product, which creates only 23 decibels of noise thanks to its specially designed ball bearing, promises 40,000 hours MTTF value at 40 degrees.

XPG PRIME ARGB offers an attractive alternative for users who want to decorate their LED strip systems with RGB lighting. The product, which has 8 predefined colors and 4 lighting effects, can give a strong brightness thanks to the 5050 chipset on it. SK6812 LEDs were used in the XPG PRIME ARGB LED strip . The 120cm-long LED strip can be easily mounted inside the case with magnets or paste-type adhesives.

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Xpg prime argb: XPG showcases new PC components and accessories
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