Xiaomi Mi 9X has caused a lot of topics, this does not prevent Xiaomi from preparing to launch a follow-up version for the aircraft. According to the latest disclosure of XDA on foreign websites, Xiaomi is testing three new models with screen-printing technology. The codes are “Pyxis”, “Bamboo_sprout” and “Cosmos_sprout”. Among them, the new millet codenamed Pyxis is presumed to be a new generation of Xiaomi 6X, and equipped with a 32MP front lens, it is possible to eventually meet with us in the name of Xiaomi Mi 9X.

Testing Three New Machines:

Xiaomi Mi 9X

According to reports from foreign websites XDA, they found that Xiaomi has started hardware testing of three new machines. The codes are “Pyxis”, “Bamboo_sprout” and “Cosmos_sprout”. Among them, because “Bamboo_sprout” and “Cosmos_sprout” contain the _sprout suffix in the code name, this is the same as the sprout code name of the Android One system model in the Google Play certified Android device list, so it should be Two Android One smartphones.

As for the new millet codenamed “Pyxis”, it may be the Chinese version of Bamboo_sprout or Cosmos_sprout. In addition, considering that Xiaomi 5X and Xiaomi 6X are the domestic versions of the previous Android One system Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi A2, DXA speculates that this “Pyxis” is likely to be a new generation of Xiaomi 6X.

With off-screen fingerprint:

Xiaomi Mi 9X

At the same time, DXA also found that these three new millet machines are testing the fingerprint unlock function of the screen. However, since the models equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking sensors need to be equipped with expensive flexible OLED displays, it is meaningful to take into account factors such as market positioning. These three new millet machines may still be optical fingerprint unlocking technology. In addition, these three new millet machines are also equipped with a 32MP front lens, and it seems to have a remote control function, it is possible to use a four-in-one pixel Samsung GD1 sensor.

As for the processor configuration, since it has been confirmed that these three new machines are not flagship products, they should be equipped with a mid-range Snapdragon chipset. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi A2 (Millet 6X) has already used the Snapdragon 660 processor. For this reason, XDA speculates that the upgrade of the machine will use at least the Snapdragon 675 processor. Of course, considering that these three new machines are currently being tested, there may be possibilities in the future to use the unreleased Opteron 7150 processor.

Although I don’t know the marketing name, price or release information of these three new millet machines, if the new machine codenamed Pyxis is the replacement product of Xiaomi 6X, then in the future, it should be Xiaomi in China. 9X, not the name of Xiaomi 8X debut. The reason is actually relatively simple. Now the Xiaomi 8 series is already the last generation product, and includes Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi 8SE, and Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition and Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version, etc. At least four versions exist, it seems that there is no more The need to add new members.

In any case, Xiaomi Mi 9X this new Pyxis brand new machine with 32MP front lens and remote control function, it should also look like the original portrait of the Xiaomi 6X self-timer function, as the end is named Xiaomi 8X or millet 9X, no harm Let us wait and see.

Xiaomi Mi 9X Reveal has started hardware testing 32MP Camera + screen fingerprint technology
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