Xiaomi has received a new patent! xiaomi foldable - Hut Mobile

Xiaomi has received a new patent! xiaomi foldable

Xiaomi has received a new patent! xiaomi foldable

Suitable who are accustomed to talk about the cost smartphones, Xiaomi, may soon come up with different news. Xiaomi foldable smart phones began to focus and concentrate on issues other quite different from the subject of intensive manufacturers.

Will the Xiaomi foldable smartphone come?
Xiaomi, which has brought phones that promise high performance at an affordable price in the past period , can sign new surprises. Xiaomi also continues to work on foldable phones, which has been working on many smartphone manufacturers for a long time but most companies fail . The smartphone manufacturer, which excites the foldable phone agenda with the new patent , has approached the issue in a different way.

Xiaomi has received a new patent! xiaomi foldable

Generally, we find new solutions for the folding structure in smartphone patents. Because Samsung’s foldable smartphone , Galaxy Fold, had a huge failure before it could go on sale all over the world due to folding problems. Xiaomi , on the other hand, came up with a patent focusing on the camera’s location, not the problem of folding . In the foldable phone model that Xiaomi currently only works on as a patent , there is only one camera array. The camera array, which is not used as a front or rear camera, is designed to be reversible.

The patent, which we can see that there are 4 different cameras, has focused on a different subject than the patents that have emerged so far . Xiaomi, which has gained a great momentum in terms of smart phones , may soon turn this patent into real life.

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Xiaomi has received a new patent! xiaomi foldable
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