WordPress Website Optimization

WordPress Website Optimization

WordPress is one of the most popular engines in the world. Simple and reliable, it provides high performance websites and has earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of webmasters and the number of sites on WordPress is growing steadily. Over the years WordPress has implemented features that could help its users develop their businesses and maintain their blogs. From introducing e-commerce applications to WordPress contact forms, it has put its user base at the forefront as it continues to grow into the hosting provider we know now.

However, in terms of search engine optimization, WordPress has its own characteristics, which often steadily pull sites down. These features appeared due to the fact that the engine was originally created as a blog. Yes, and in the days when WordPress appeared, nobody was particularly worried about duplicates of content, no one knew about the primary and secondary Google index (even Google itself did not know). And the Yandex AGS appeared much later.

The main goal of blog optimization is to avoid duplication of content. For duplicates, you can get AGS, lowering the site in SERPs, drive the site into an additional Google index (that is, into the so-called “snot”, while the site ceases to participate in the search and is only stored in the search engine database).

Now I’ll tell you in more detail what needs to be done to optimize your WordPress blog: Tags need to be closed from indexing. Open tags lead to duplicate content. This is especially pronounced when the tag is only one post. It is also necessary to close the tag cloud from indexing.

It is desirable that only the announcement of the post is displayed on the main page, and the user sees the rest, only by clicking on “more …”. It will also reduce the number of partial duplicates of content and reduce the risk of getting under filters. In a standard configuration, the engine does not allow changing the TITLE and DESCRIPTION tags. For normal website optimization on WordPress you need to install the All in SEO Pack plugin . The plugin allows you to customize the tags as you wish. He also set alternative human URLs for blog pages.

WordPress Website Optimization

This simple site optimization is very important. While the site is not involved in the promotion, it can easily sit in the index of search engines and it may seem to you that everything is in order with optimization. However, only when the site is moving forward and, in particular, begins to massively get on demand in the TOP-10, search engines pay close attention to it. The site falls under additional verification and if optimization leaves much to be desired, the site catches the filter and the promotion stops or rolls back.

Good luck with your customization and optimization of WordPress!

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WordPress Website Optimization WordPress Website Optimization WordPress Website Optimization

WordPress Website Optimization
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