There is an inseparable relationship between mobile phones and users. Users use their mobile phones to handle transactions or contact information friends all the time. Friends who use other social platforms should know that many social platforms have slowly introduced the Dark Mode feature so that users can make their eyes more comfortable when they are in the middle of the night or in the dark. Recently, according to foreign media reports, WhatsApp dark mode will also launch the function so that users can comfortably respond to messages sent by friends or bosses in a dark situation!


When converting the social media app to the WhatsApp dark mode function, the user page will switch to the black background interface, even if the user presses the phone in the dark, it will not hurt the eyes, ensuring that the user can watch the phone very comfortably. Causes eye strain.


WhatsApp dark mode


Earlier, Google said that it will introduce Dark Mode into its Android software in the future. Therefore, a foreign media with in-depth research on WhatsApp posted on the social platform that WhatsApp is currently developing the Dark Mode feature, which is available to both iOS and Android users, but the exact date of the update is unknown. However, according to the style of WhatsApp in the past, they will test the Beta version in certain new features, so if you frequently press the phone in the dark situation, you may consider registering as a WhatsApp Beta tester to experience the Dark Mode function first. Now!


WhatsApp dark mode will introduce function soon: let users respond to messages in the middle of the night without worrying about eye strain!
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