Transcend ESD350C External SSD

Transcend ESD350C External SSD Review

Transcend ESD350C external SSD review

Now double the speed

Transcend ESD350C

As a manufacturer of flash storage devices, Transcend, the world’s most famous company,

Launched a new external SSD model, the ESD350C. For the editor gg test, I received a test version with 480GB of storage (sometimes I modified it to 240 and 960GB).

What is this?
This is an external hard drive of NAND 3D TLC flash memory chip, packed in a light and sturdy aluminum case and protected by a removable silicone case.

What does it look like?
This comparison does not apply to credit card size devices (thickness)). There are a USB Type-C connector and a small LED indicator. There’s nothing more if you just have a nameplate that pops up on one of the buttons, display, or side. The cover is tightly worn and difficult to remove, but users do not need to remove it if they are not curious.

In addition to the anti-shock feature, the cover hides four screws that secure the body half. The double-sided hologram sticker seal on the case can prevent unauthorized disassembly and the damage caused by this will result in a three-year warranty loss. The bare SSD weighs slightly over 70 grams and in some cases almost 90.

Transcend ESD350C

Transcend ESD350C

Transcend ESD350C

What is included?
In addition to the drives in the case, there are two more USB A-USB C and USB C-USB C cables that are 2 meters long.

Transcend ESD350C

How comfortable are you?
The size and weight of the drive are comfortable and convenient, if you hold it in your hand, it will easily fit in your pocket or purse, but you won’t find yourself for a long time. The indicator is very bright, but almost invisible because the LED is located deep in the case when looking at an angle.

Transcend ESD350C

How fast is this?
Manufacturers declare the maximum speed1050MB / s read, write speed-950MB / s This is twice as high as the previous ESD230C / 240C / 250C models. Naturally, these are values ​​for ideal conditions, and the actual speed can vary greatly depending on the device to which the drive is connected and the port and data carrier speed of this device. The speed measurement of an editing computer with USB 3.1 and SSD is as follows:

Transcend ESD350C

On older home PCs with USB 2.0, the result is much lower.

Along with the smartphone (Oukitel U23) theme, it showed good results for linear reading/writing, and very weak for random. The test was performed by the A1 SD Bench application, and the smartphone was rebooted to rule out the effects of caching between the write and read tests.

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What is compatibility?
By default (factory) drives are formatted as follows, but exFAT read this without any problem on all connected devices, including TVs and DVD players, since this instance was tested with the FAT32 file system. However, in this file system, the maximum file size is limited to 4 gigabytes, so full-length films of high resolution and appropriate bitrate, for example, cannot be written on this medium.

If you have such a need, you need to change the file system to exFAT or NTFS, but that doesn’t mean you can successfully connect to a file other than a Windows PC. Some smartphones work with exFAT but not all. Oukitel U23 on the MTK chipset refused to read SSDs containing exFAT.

Transcend ESD350C

Theoretically, the problem is specialized and solved: software that can mount and read media using exFAT and NTFS (which does this using utility from Paragon Software) actually allows all applications to use files through these “gaskets”. It is not possible. In general, this is a topic for other discussions.

On Windows, you cannot reformat the drive to FAT32, and the standard utility does not offer these options.

To do this, you need to use one of the third-party applications (e.g. FAT23 format).

Transcend ESD350C

Are there any additional features?
Provides Transcend Elite firmware functionality Randomly selected file and folder backup (either manually or on a schedule, with or without encryption), backup recovery and data synchronization from computer to SSD. You can sync with Dropbox and Google Drive cloud storage. Unfortunately, this ghost app does not appear in the mirror of the screenshot, so the gallery below is copied from the official Transcend website. I checked the performance of the application and everything works fine.

How is it working?
On a computer running Windows 7, the Windows 10 drive worked without explanation and was quickly detected and connected quickly. In addition to testing, I saved RAW photos and used them to work on my home and office computers. Despite the lack of USB 3 support on both computers, the photos were uploaded and tracked quickly, making them comfortable to work with.

Easily respond to “smartphone + SSD” Watch videos in Full HD resolution at a bit rate of 27 Mb / s and a frame rate of 50 per minute. The only caveat is that after connecting the drive, you have to wait 2-3 minutes for the system to check the drive and only after that you can work with the files in the SSD.





Special project

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Dry residue
Transcend ESD350C-Fast, convenient and good external SSD. The Ukrainian retail price is 2300 UAH (240 GB), 3200 UAH (480 GB), about 5000 UAH (960 GB). This is about 1.5 times more expensive than the previous ESD230C / 240C model (half the read and write speed), which seems fairly justified.

 Transcend ESD350C

Fast and cute external SSD with USB 3.1 support

This external solid-state drive will be of interest to those who need the maximum data transfer rate (the USB 3.1 interface can achieve almost gigabytes per second at a reasonable price).

240GB purchase

Buy 480 GB

Buy 960 GB


2 reasons to buy-Transcend ESD350C:

Using important files on other computers and other devices requires small, large, fast and secure portable storage.
I have a computer/laptop with the latest version of USB 3.1 installed and need to replace my old external drive.
One reason not to buy Transcend ESD350C:

I’m trying to use SSD as a portable video library but it doesn’t support exFAT on my smartphone/tablet/ TV
Technical Specifications of Transcend ESD350C External SSD

  • size:96.5 × 53.6 × 12.5 mm
  • Mass: 87 g
  • Interface: USB 3.1 Gen 2
  • 5V from the power USB port
  • Memory Type: 3D NAND Flash
  • Data read / write speed (max): 1050 / 950MB / sec
  • Working temperature: 0 ° C … 60 ° C
Transcend ESD350C External SSD Review
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