Tp-Link Neffos X20

Tp-Link Neffos X20 Pro New Smartphone Review

Tp-Link Neffos X20 Pro: A Review


Tp-Link Neffos X20Tp-Link Neffos X20

Today, the budget sector embraces all the technology that only the flagship can afford.

Model. You won’t be surprised by the frameless design with large diagonal, wide communication options; modern standards like LTE and WiFi6 are already becoming standard features in price categories up to $ 200 or more. The new Neffos TP-Link X20 Pro smartphone received additional exclusive features in addition to this. At the same time, the price tag of the device is not completely flagship. Let’s find out what the novelty of middle-aged can offer buyers.


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Tp-Link Neffos X20Tp-Link Neffos X20

A diagonal display of 6 was displayed on the smartphone, 2 inches long, the photos are bright and rich in contrast. On this screen, the video looks great and makes surfing the internet comfortable. That’s the widescreen screen for video.

The IPS Matrix HD + resolution parameter with a pixel density of 268 PPI isn’t the best, but it can save energy, but the human eye doesn’t really notice the difference between 200 and 300 PPI, but everything looks comfortable and comfortable to the eye. The computer monitors I see for hours in a row rarely reach 200 PPI and no one complains.

You can adjust the color temperature; setting the filtering of the harmful spectrum has the function of protecting your eyesight. The latter will always work if set by the user or at a specific time. At the top of the screen, there is a drop shape cutout for the selfie camera, which can be hidden under the black strip.

Photo opportunities

Tp-Link Neffos X20Tp-Link Neffos X20

The manufacturer installed a double module here, which can give a bokeh effect to the photo. The shooting quality is quite good and you can freely upload your photos to social networks. However, noise may appear under low light conditions and detail may not be as good as the flagship model.

The quality of video shooting is also good, especially when you think your smartphone budget is reasonable. There are a few problems with autofocus, and there is no optical image stabilization, so the picture will not be smooth unless you shoot everything on a tripod or special device with image stabilization.


Tp-Link Neffos X20Tp-Link Neffos X20

The convenience of using a smartphone greatly kills all the charms of the most beautiful and powerful device in the situation when the smartphone is exhausted after surfing for 30 minutes on battery capacity, sites, and social networks. The X20 Pro is equipped with a 4100 mAh battery, allowing it to last all day without charging your smartphone.

The operating scenario is completely uneconomical. Listen and listen to music with wireless headphones for 2 hours, watch series episodes for an hour or a few hours, play games that don’t require a lot of graphics, and watch and chat regularly from instant messengers. It takes 3 hours to charge from a 5-watt adapter, and with a more powerful charge, the energy balance of the device is halved in half an hour.


Tp-Link Neffos X20Tp-Link Neffos X20

MediaTek on the processor Helio P22 is one of the most common chipsets in the budget sector today. Processor performance is enough to play modern, unnecessary games, all your daily tasks are solved, and no application does not use the X20 Pro. The interface works fast and smoothly and no problems were found. In 2019, a set of wireless interfaces, including 5th generation Bluetooth and LTE modems, are standard, and only NFC models were not provided. But in the Middle East, this code is never used and you pay using QR codes.

But there is a WLAN-only utility, which allows you to quickly and easily connect other devices to your home WiFi network using QR codes. At the same time, the smartphone itself can perform the function of a repeater, extending the network range, increasing the grid radius and the number of connected devices. The communication is stable and there is no speed loss.

Tp-Link Neffos X20 Pro New Smartphone Review
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