Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 - Hut Mobile

Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020

In recent days, the AnTuTu removed from the Google Play Store on the one hand while fighting this crisis, it continues to come up with phone lists, on the other hand. We call the lists, because AnTuTu, which publishes the highest-rated phones every month, came up with a ranking that focused on affordable phones this time.

AnTuTu is with the 10 best affordable phones!
The most expensive phone in this list, created with the price/performance ratio in mind, is 1499 yuan, or $ 216. Speaking for our country, we can state that the phones on the list do not exceed 2500 TL.

Although the Honor 9X ranks first, it is the version of this device sold in China. Kirin is powered by 810 processors and confronts users with 4 GB of RAM / 64 GB of internal storage. Redmi Note 8 Pro, which has reached quite high sales figures in our country in the second place, is Meizu 8X in the third place.

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The Redmi Note 8 Pro is not only the second-best performance-price phone. The mid-range smartphone with the highest score in the AnTuTu performance test for February. The rest of the list is as follows: Redmi Note 8, Meizu 16X, Realme X, Realme X2, Honor 8X, Vivo Z5x, and Redmi Note 7 Pro.

In this context, the price / performance-oriented phone list consists of models developed by Honor, Redmi, Meizu, and Realme.

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Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020 Top 10 best 

Top 10 best smartphones have been announced 2020


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