Oclean Z1

Toothbrush Xiaomi Oclean Z1 Cheap And Powerful

Toothbrush Xiaomi Oclean Z1 Cheap And Powerful


oclean z1

Oclean z1

Oclean Z1

Personal Care Products Supplement Market. China premium company

Acoustic toothbrushes introduced a new model-the Oclean Z1. She received a “clean” design filled with modern peeling, powerful engines, and minimalism! Novelty has many differences from other Oclean models, which we will talk about in this review.

Oclean Z1 Review
Sonic toothbrush placed by the company Simplified version of the latest top-of-the-line Oclean X model, the Z1 only has a smaller battery size, so the body is smaller and no display. The company is positioned as a travel brush. Otherwise, the functionality of the model is very similar.

The company has repeatedly won the design award of design products! In this regard, Oclean Z1 is no exception. Minimalist design, well thought out ergonomic design, everything is in order of toothbrush. The bright unique side of novelty has been the three-segment LED display. Displays work intensity and battery level. An elegant solution, unobtrusive and informative! 2 body colors: white and pink.

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By the way, like all other versions of the brush, the company Oclean Z1 has a magnetic base for connecting the charger. This solution is convenient but not as practical as you can see from personal experience. Contacts should be cleaned periodically. But all the charging time 2 hours!

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We continue our review of the Oclean Z1, but the technical specifications are very similar to the Oclean Air. Based on the table below, you can understand whether it is worth buying a brush and whether it is suitable for you.


  • Engine type maglev motor
  • Vibration frequency 40,000 revolutions per minute
  • Battery 800mAh
  • 30 days autonomy (average cleaning twice a day)
  • 2 hours charging time
  • Wireless protocol
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Gyroscope Yes, 6 Axis
  • Water protection IPX7
  • Charging type magnetic contacts
  • Weight 94g
  • Size 243.5 x 24.4 x 24.4 mm

The intellectual part of the brush is the Dialog chip. Thanks to this, the device can analyze the cleaning quality and give recommendations to the user.

Compare with other models

Oclean z1

Oclean z1

Cleaning mode
Tight integration with the toothbrush allows smartphone users via Bluetooth to configure different modes of operation. The intensity scale measures 32 points. There are a total of 20 cleaning modes, but no one disturbs their settings. The Oclean application is considered one of the most convenient and functional applications. Sources have a problem with this. So, if you are satisfied with the fine-tuning according to the parameters, Oklin’s brush is selected.

Oclean z1

Oclean z1

Accessories and Nozzles
For Oclean Z1 the company has magnetic wall mounts and travel cases. They are sold separately. DuPont Tynex Includes 2 nozzles with thick bristles. It is worth noting that they are compatible with all Oclean toothbrush models, and this is a smart move.

Oclean z1

Oclean z1

Oclean Z1 Toothbrush is the first time for those who need a small and powerful option. That’s right. You have to sacrifice autonomy, but it will stay at the 20-day level. This is a very good indicator. Otherwise, it’s also a full-featured brush in Ocean.

Where to buy
According to tradition, during the onset of the sale and promotion of the product, many stores are ready to offer the product at very attractive prices with gifts. So between October 14 and November 14, Oclean Z1 can be purchased in very favorable conditions. Gearbest offers the first 1000 magnetic holders for $ 39.99 as a gift. Very good offer! Full stock page.

Toothbrush Xiaomi Oclean Z1 Cheap And Powerful
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