Lenovo introduces the latest ThinkPad lineup of AMD® Ryzen PRO mobile processors. Lenovo ThinkPad T495, T495s, and X395 are the latest laptops with powerful processors like the 2nd generation AMD RyzenTM PRO Mobile Processors.


Lenovo completes the full line of ThinkPad T and X series products with the announcement of the ThinkPad T495, T495s and X395, which comes with Windows ® 10 operating system and 2 nd Gen AMD Ryzen 7 PRO Mobile Processors. Radeon ™ Vega displays a focus on agility with lightweight.


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ThinkPad has been recognized by users around the world for both the design and the efficiency of the machine. The new ThinkPad products that are released in all 3 models still maintain the brand identity as well. Two of the 3 products brought Launched with a weight of fewer than 1.4 kilograms. All 3 products also come with advanced security systems Powerful and durable, which is a key feature of the Think-Pad family of laptops.

The batteries of the ThinkPad T and X series can last up to 4 hours longer than the previous model. 1 helps to increase 18 percent efficiency. 2, the T and X series have upgraded features. Both hardware And management system to create the best user experience

Khun Worathep Cosmakwibun, Business Product Line Manager, Lenovo Thailand, said: “The new ThinkPad T and X series, complete with thinness and lightweight, is the first ThinkPad product to use a processor chip from AMD helps users get the most out of their computers. Also provides flexibility in matters of portability “



Add functions to meet the needs of modern work

Answering both work and lifestyle with powerful 2nd Gen Ryzen 7 PRO Mobile Processors. Radeon Vega Graphics, Radeon FreeSync ™ 3 technology provides clear, smooth, uninterrupted images every time you use video. Offer work or play leisure games.

In addition to the durability-tested under the ThinkPad Mil-Spec level, the latest ThinkPad products have been added with G-force 4 shockproof protection to prevent damage if the device is dropped or hit.

Superior in both sound and image.

The 14-inch screen provides clear pictures in Full HD, brightness up to 400 nits, even in the power-saving mode. Allowing text and icons to be easily seen, even in low-light environments, In addition, the keyboard also has fluorescent white lights, which are unique to the ThinkPad.



Clear, sharp FHD screen on both the ThinkPad T495 and ThinkPad T495s.
Usually, group calls or group calls often have problems with sound quality. Both the delay sound And external noise To solve these problems Lenovo then put a dual microphone into the AMD version of the Think-Pad to develop a better quality VoIP conferencing system. Especially for use in areas with a lot of noise. There is also a built-in adjustable base Which the users can adjust the height by themselves To increase connection efficiency And working time



ThinkPad X395
Integrate intelligent security systems into one device.

Stop worrying about security from malicious hackers with the ThinkShutter camera lens cover, which helps protect Think-Pad users from sneaking through hackers’ cameras. And as a further step in security, we have added privacy, which is a part of the Think-Pad PrivacyGuard for the T495s and X395, keeping your computer safe from peeking out the screen from the side. And within no more than two months after this, the system secures privacy with notifications when someone approached from the back or the Think-Pad PrivacyAlert, the function that users need most. Will be added to the PrivacyGuard for models using 2nd Gen Ryzen PRO Processors, AMD Memory Guard. If a stranger tries to access the computer The system will automatically encrypt the DRAM and lock the RAM usage.


ThinkPad T495s
In addition to the features mentioned above and many additional features, Think-Pad also comes with the best security systems in the market.


Lenovo ThinkShield prevents device loss and data leakage. That may cause enormous damage Lenovo’s strong protection system is Consists of care throughout the lifetime From the development of transportation systems, including important software updates At an affordable price


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Lenovo ThinkPad T495s AMD Ryzen PRO Mobile Processors
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