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The end of MICROS ~ 1.TXT

The end of MICROS ~ 1.TXT

Filenames on the PC are longer than eight characters – that happened on July 6th. Every day PC Games Hardware takes a look back at the still young but eventful history of the computer end of MICROS.

… 1992: Just as there is a world market for half a dozen computers and everyone should get by with 640 KiByte RAM, so filenames with eight characters before the suffix are enough. At least in the DOS era. But Microsoft is an innovative and forward-looking company and wants to do away with this problem under Windows 95 with the new FAT32 file system. Incidentally, FAT stands for File Allocation Table and not for the new scope of the file names end of MICROS.

According to a patent from – correctly – July 6th, filed by Miller and Kimura for a Microsoft Corporation from Redmond, Washington, these can be significantly longer than before. So MICROS ~ 1.TXT becomes Microsoft.txt and the file PCGAME ~ 1.bat finally PC Games Hardware.bat, because even spaces dominate the new file system.

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The end of MICROS ~ 1.TXT
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