Technologies that have recently entered our lives during the pandemic process

The coronavirus epidemic, which affected the whole world, caused significant changes in business life. While some sectors were adversely affected by this process, a rapid growth trend was observed in sectors such as technology and food. lives during the pandemic process

The COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated many technology trends, including digital payments, telehealth services, and robotics. While these technologies help keep businesses open, they also help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. This week, I wrote about the technologies that come into our lives during the pandemic process and their effects on our lives.

Meetings are now held online
Throughout the pandemic, many companies have switched to remote working methods. Consequently, meetings have started to be held online. Additionally, Zoom has come to the fore in this process and has become indispensable for meetings. However, heavy demand for the application, privacy problems and technical support glitches have caused some big issues.

On the other hand, virtual office services have become very important as many people have moved to working from home. Corporate companies and entrepreneurs now prefer to use virtual office services instead of renting an office. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of virtual offices you can try

If remote working becomes more common after the COVID-19 outbreak, employers may decide to reduce rental costs and hire people from areas with cheaper labor costs.

There is an opportunity in e-commerce
E-commerce is one of the sectors that shines during the pandemic process. The rapidly growing online commerce brings with it many business opportunities. Especially applications that provide contactless delivery service are preferred.

According to the BBC’s estimate, 200 million people will lose their jobs due to COVID-19. In this process, I think that those who want to digitize their business and those looking for new jobs can benefit from the opportunities offered by the e-commerce industry. Likewise, if we need to give an example from the past, let’s go to the years when the SARS epidemic occurred. In late 2002, the SARS epidemic led to a tremendous growth of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer online marketplaces in China.

Similarly, COVID-19 has transformed online shopping from a must-have all over the world to a must-have. We can now order many super markets online. However, online shopping must be supported by a robust logistics system.

Likewise, many cargoes carry risks because they are not virus-protected. Many delivery companies and restaurants in the US and China are launching contactless delivery services where goods are picked up and dropped off at a designated place, not a person’s hand or hand. Chinese e-commerce giants are also accelerating the development of robot deliveries.

Online and contactless payment methods are becoming widespread
Contactless cards and digital payment methods have become very popular due to the concern that cash may carry the virus during the pandemic process. Even the interest in cryptocurrencies also increased during this period. Central banks in China, the USA, and South Korea have taken various measures to ensure that banknotes are clean before they are put into circulation. lives during the pandemic process

But according to the World Bank, there are more than 1.7 billion unbanked people who may not have easy access to digital payments. The widespread use of digital payments will also cause the Internet to become widespread and money to become digital. lives during the pandemic process

Support for healthcare professionals with 3D printers
3D printing technology has played a very important role in the pandemic process and in the production of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. Many volunteers who were under 3D printing supported production, enabling thousands of healthcare professionals to access protective materials. Consequently, 3D printing took its place among the popular and rising technologies in this period.

By offering flexibility in 3D printing production; It can produce different products based on different design files and materials, and simple parts can be made on-site quickly without requiring a long procurement process and a long wait for the shipment to arrive.

However, businesses that produce large batches using 3D printing face a few hurdles. First, there may be intellectual property issues associated with producing patented parts. Second, the manufacture of certain products, such as surgical masks, is subject to regulatory approvals, which can take a long time to obtain. Other unresolved issues include how design files should be protected by patent agencies, the impact on place of origin and trade volumes, and product liability associated with 3D printed products.

Technologies that have recently entered our lives during the pandemic process

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Technologies that have recently entered our lives during the pandemic process
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