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Apple supported black artists!

The tensions between the police and the public began to escalate rapidly after the sad incident in America in the past days. Apple, which is with minorities in many subjects, supported black artists .

Apple supports black artists

Apple supported black artists!

In the past days, after the murder of a black citizen, many people in America started a protest because of the sad event. As a result of the protests, while the tension in the country increased, some companies announced that they support black citizens.

Apple supported black artists!

Apple is a company known to support minority communities in many areas. The company, which was appreciated by many with its explanations especially after such sad events, made statements about black artists this time.

“We use our own means to support the black voices that define music, creativity and culture,” the company said on the official Instagram account. This moment calls on us to take action against racism and all kinds of injustice. We are in solidarity with black communities in every environment. ” used expressions.

Apple supported black artists!

Similarly, Twitter and YouTube included statements stating support for black citizens through their official Twitter accounts. Many factions reacted about this issue as there was no explanation by Facebook.

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Apple supported black artists!
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