Steps taken against Huawei expands

Steps taken against Huawei expands

The steps taken against Huawei are getting bigger. A new claim arose recently from the USA and the UK after bad news for the company. Allegedly, countries will take steps against Huawei 5G efforts.

It was stated that Britain, which previously had a warm relationship with Huawei, would also take action against the company. After this claim, it is said that other countries can join the USA and England to make a joint plan.

Steps taken against Huawei are growing
It was recently revealed that there are plans to limit the use of Huwaei in the UK. Following this claim made by the British media, an international step is said to be taken for the company. Allegedly, US President Donald Trump will propose to the G7 countries to collaborate on this issue.

The G7 Group includes the USA, Germany, the European Union, the UK, France, Italy and Canada. Currently, the USA has shown its firm attitude towards the company. It turned out that Britain is also continuing preparations for the steps taken against Huawei.

Steps taken against Huawei expands

However, the UK is said to ask the United States to form a group of 10 countries and to improve the equivalent of the 5G system developed by Huawei. Currently, Huawei has developed the 5G infrastructure in the UK by 35 percent.

In addition to the G7 countries, it is said that the 10 countries mentioned above will be formed with Australia, South Korea and India.

As an alternative to the company, Finnish Nokia and Swedish Ericsson show themselves in Europe. Both companies have the potential to produce antennas and necessary equipment.

It is wondered what kind of a response will come from the Huawei front after these steps taken against him.

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Steps taken against Huawei expands
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