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Starmancer PC Version Full Game Free Download

Starmancer PC Version Full Game Free Download

Obey the protocol or go naughty when you take a strong A.I role in Starmancer. Build a crowded space port, a secret laboratory, and incubator for mysterious eggs. Survive against hunger, sabotage, and zombies. Don’t worry, you can always grow more humans.


Starmancer PC Version Full Game Free Download


About this game
After the disaster on earth, mankind launched a Starmancer initiative in a desperate effort to seek protection among the stars. Millions of refugees upload their awareness into your memory bank – entrust their minds and the future of the human race to artificial intelligence, a starmancer. To you.

Stranded in a strange solar system, your task as starmancer is to build and manage space stations that are able to maintain life for countless thoughts that are trapped in your damaged memory bank, and return to the fleet – in whatever way needed.

Starmancer offers gameplay with consequences, living environment, crafts, and managing the daily life of the invaders.

For utopian communities where everyone is fed well, happy, and safe. Or go naughty and find out how many times a invaders can eat wheat before they become crazy. Choice of you!

Maintaining life – invaders have needs, such as hunger and thirst. Build agriculture and plant plants for food. Place the heater to prevent hypothermia. Build the Gulf of Med and set the doctor to treat wounds, cure the disease, and change the limbs.

Express yourself – customize your station with walls, floors, furniture, and lots of decorations and strange and beautiful objects. Reply to objects to achieve your space station interior design dream! Place cheerful paintings to remind the invaders, how friendly and your life, and posters of motivation to tell them how much you value their productivity. Luxury kitchen design, luxury bedroom, casino, and industrial bay docking.

Power, water, and atmosphere – Give strength by connecting the machine with a cable. Be prepared against blackouts by making separate grids or redundations for your vital machine. Use pipes and recycling water to turn dirty farming water into clean water and easy to drink. Set a separate atmosphere with the help of ventilation and airways.
Growing the invaders – colonies are planted in the incubator, with Personas assigned from the mind of the earth’s refugees stored in the memory bank at your station. Create a full clone station. If the tragedy attacks, don’t worry, you can always set back your favorite invaders!

Job – Set roles like farmers, doctors, miners, and security guards. Watch when Chef Rookie you get experience and become experienced pro, unlock delicious and more exotic recipes.

Unique Colexor – with random hair color and style, eye color, and skin color, there are more than 8000 visual invaders variations. This variation also goes beyond aesthetics. Some invaders prefer to eat nutritional bricks in the toilet, while others like to drink and socialize at the bar. Every game is different – your station and invaders will be unique to you.

Memories – Colonis remember the good (and bad) things that happen to them – until they want to not want to return (accidents occur). Traumatic experience, like seeing a corpse, will be remembered for a long time. If left unchecked, this memory will be distributed, through gossip, until everyone learns about the damage to the support of your life … does not leave the witness.


Personal relationships – invaders become very sad when something bad happens to a friend, but they like watching the enemy suffer. If you throw a popular invaders, you might have a rebellion in your hand.

Mission – Send your brave colony about dangerous mission on the Galaxy to collect resources and find valuable booty!
Be prepared to face the consequences, if you fail in your task as Starmancer.
Your invasion will be attacked by extraterrestrials. Build a trap, your invaders’ arm, and keep your station safe at all costs.

Madness – An invaders can only watch so many friends who are smoked

Starmancer PC Version Full Game Free Download

For example, for instance Download and Install the above game for free on your device and you have to follow below-given steps Starmancer PC Version Full Game Free Download. 

How to install the Game in 5 simple steps Starmancer PC Version Full Game Free Download. 

1. Click firstly on the “Download Game” button for a complete installation.
2. Download secondly the “Starmancer” Installer setup (NOTE: This setup is supported resumable download).
3. Open the Game Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install.
4. Let it Download Game in the specified directory of your Device.
5. After that Run the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.

As a result:
If you face any problem in Running “Starmancer” then please feel free to comment down below. In conclusion, to sum up, in short, we will reply as soon as possible. 

As a result, it fell over the 

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Starmancer PC Version Full Game Free Download

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