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Star Wars Squadrons – global cosmetic changes can be canceled

Star Wars Squadrons - global cosmetic changes can be canceled

The developers of Star Wars: Squadrons explained how the cosmetic items are and what is behind the hardcore mode.

There will also be cosmetic changes to the ships in Star Wars Squadrons – inside and out. Among other things, players can customize the HUD. However, not everyone should be a fan of it if a – let’s say – pink X-Wing crosses the blaster, because that’s a bit far from the Canon. Therefore, you will be able to turn off the cosmetic changes so that you can no longer see them.

You understand that some players just don’t want to see any changes to the ships, no matter how plausible they are. If you want the ships like in the films, you have the option. The switch always affects the units of others. You can modify your own ship and this is also displayed for you.

Star Wars: Squadrons developers explain cockpit displays
The HUD changes are not purely cosmetic. Here you can determine whether you want the standard mode or the hardcore mode. In hardcore mode, the information can only be seen on the displays in the ship and all HUD elements are omitted, which makes the tasks more difficult. This makes it particularly difficult to locate yourself and others in space.

In general, everything remains pretty simple. There is the well-known energy management and a few little things, but that’s about it in the end. Star Wars Squadrons should focus clearly on the battles and not on the ship management.

Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on October 2nd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. VR is also supported for PC and PS4. PS5 and XBS have not yet been confirmed, but should be considered set. The game is surprisingly cheap at 40 euros and can also be pre-ordered on Steam. EA Access and Origin Access Basic / Premier are also typical for EA.

Source: IGN interview

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Star Wars Squadrons – global cosmetic changes can be canceled
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