Sony Xperia 10 II: camera tips for your new smartphone

Sony Xperia 10 II: camera tips for your new smartphone

The Sony Xperia 10 II proves that first-class photos are possible even with a mid-range smartphone. Our camera tips will also help you take beautiful pictures – so you can have even more fun with your new mobile phone.

Sony Xperia 10 II: You should master these camera basics
A prerequisite for good photos with the Sony Xperia 10 II is that you have internalized the basics. This primarily means that you familiarize yourself with the camera interface. You should be particularly familiar with the following controls:

  • You can access the camera settings via the gear icon.
  • The 4: 3 icon lets you change the aspect ratio.
  • The icon with the camera and the circular arrow lets you switch from the main to the front camera.
  • With the “x1” button you can switch between standard, telephoto and ultra wide-angle lens. In other words, it lets
  • you zoom in or out. Note that the button shows the current zoom level. “X1” can thus become “x2” (telephoto) or “x0.6” (ultra wide angle).
  • The second bottom button on the left edge of the display is responsible for the bokeh effect. You can use it to blur the
  • background of photos.
  • The button for the LED flash is located directly below.
  • The “Mode” button lets you switch between different camera modes.

Zoom is not the same as zoom
One of the most important camera tips in general also concerns the Sony Xperia 10 II : You should choose the zoom carefully. If you want to enlarge the subject, it is advisable to always use exactly the double zoom level. Only then is the lossless, optical zoom used. The software must help at all levels between “1x” and “2x” and above. This leads to impairments of the picture quality – especially from “3x” magnification.

Sony Xperia 10 II: which camera mode is the right one?
As mentioned at the beginning, the Sony Xperia 10 II offers different camera modes:

  • Slow motion: Videos with slow motion effect
  • Portrait selfie: bokeh, softer skin tones, bigger eyes, slimmer face and similar effects for selfies
  • Creative effects: Effects and color filters for photos and videos
  • Panorama symbol: for wide-angle and panorama photos
  • Manual mode: Make camera settings yourself
  • Night mode: better photos in the dark

You can stay in standard mode for most photos. Sometimes a trip to another mode is worthwhile. If you are well versed in photography, we recommend manual mode. Here you can set almost all photo parameters yourself and get a little more out than in standard mode. However, we advise inexperienced photographers who cannot do anything with ISO values, shutter speeds and the like to leave the camera settings to the Sony Xperia 10 II.

Of the other modes, the night mode should be the most interesting. This will give you significantly better results in the dark. The night mode of the Sony Xperia 10 II not only ensures brighter images, but also improves color saturation and dynamic range. Image noise is also reduced. However, when using the night mode, make sure that you have a particularly steady hand or a tripod. Otherwise your night photos will quickly become unusable.

Image composition: More interesting photos with the Sony Xperia 10 II
Inexperienced photographers like to position their motif in the center of the picture. This is often not optimal, because the result is quickly boring. Instead, you should stick to the so-called third rule. To do this, first go to the camera settings of the Sony Xperia 10 II and then activate the “grid lines”. This creates a grid over the image in the camera interface.

Now you align the Sony Xperia 10 II so that what you think is the most interesting image area is below an intersection of the grid lines. A photographed person, for example, who you would like to emphasize, is ideal for this. For portrait photos, on the other hand, you could put an eye under the intersection. You will quickly notice: This way your photos look much more interesting.

Of course, this important camera tip does not apply specifically to the Sony Xperia 10 II. It can also be used with all other smartphones whose camera interface allows a grid to be shown.

Photograph moving subjects with the Sony Xperia 10 II
Moving subjects are one of the biggest challenges for the autofocus of any camera. Even SLR cameras sometimes do not optimally follow dogs or children frolicking. Accordingly, it is not easy for the camera of the Sony Xperia 10 II to capture moving subjects in photos. With the so-called “object tracking”, the smartphone offers a feature that specializes in this.

How it works: First you activate the “Object tracking” in the camera settings. Then you return to the camera interface of the Sony Xperia 10 II and tap on the subject to be tracked by the auto focus. Now all you have to do is press the shutter button – and make sure that your subject does not scurry out of the image section. Because of course the autofocus does not come that far.

Sony Xperia 10 II: The most important camera tips at a glance

  • Familiarize yourself with the basics.
  • Limit yourself to the zoom levels “x1”, “x2”, “x0.6” to avoid image loss.
  • Advanced users can get even more out of the camera of the Sony Xperia 10 II in manual mode.
  • You should use the night mode almost always in the dark.
  • We recommend the rule of thirds for a more exciting composition.
  • “Object tracking” can help capture moving subjects.

Do you have any other camera tips for the Sony Xperia 10 II in stock? Then tell us in the comments section!

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Sony Xperia 10 II: camera tips for your new smartphone
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