Shark Space and Gamepad in Black Shark 2 Pro

Shark Space and Gamepad in Black Shark 2 Pro

Hello, after we introduced some gaming smartphones like BlackShark 2 Pro. What many people are interested in is probably not the story of Shark Space. Today, I would like to bring this part to talk to each other again.

For Shark Space, many people may wonder what it is. It is a system that makes gamers wow Because this is the part that will make the gameplay on your smartphone more smooth because Shark Space can customize the gameplay of a variety. Suitable for people who love to play games very much.

The launch of  Shark Space is quite cool. And has features that are different from other smartphones You will notice that the area on the right side of the smartphone Above the screen unlock button There will be another button. Which you can launch Shark Space via this button. And if disabled Can also be closed via this button

Shark Space and Gamepad

Let’s take a look at the Shark Space inside. I must say that this looks wow. There shouldn’t be any smartphone model that cares about Catagory games like this before. In Shark Space, there will be Game Studio that is used to customize gameplay. Let’s try to see what we can customize.


Get to know Shark Space and Gamepad in BlackShark 2 Pro

Shark Space and Gamepad

  • The GamePad is part of the GamePad configuration, which I would like to request separately to explain in the Joy section.
  • Master Touch. This system can detect pressure on the screen. Which will be divided into the left side of the screen and the right side of the screen, in which some games will use the function of pressure levels added as well
  • Wi-Fi. Use Wi-Fi or switch WiFi selection.
  • notify Disables notifications during gameplay.
  • NoKeypad Disables KeyPad
  • Performance. Check the potential of the machine during use.
  • SharkTime Video recording while in Shake Space mode.
  • DashBoard check frame rate
  • Set SIM usage status 4G
  • NoIncall turns off calling during the game.
  • HangUp breaks the game screen, with the game still being used. Setting can be adjusted such as FPS
  • optimization, sound balance adjustment in the game Or brightness control

From the video above it is a guarantee that the Black Shark 2 Pro is very effective in playing games. I tried adjusting the RoV game settings to the highest quality. And test, play It appears that it can be played smoothly. Without stumbling at all


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Let’s take a look at the GamePad that we have received. This GamePad looks from the design. Having said that, it makes it really worth using. To touch the fingers very well If you think that the controls are as stiff as the older joysticks You are wrong. Smartphones are cool. The GamePad has been cool. Each Boxset will have a different GamePad. For example, we have only got one GamePad.

Shark Space and Gamepad

For the GamePad, you can only buy a smartphone and then buy the GamePad separately. Or to buy in a Boxset that comes with two GamePads. Regardless, the GamePad itself can be attached to the smartphone. Only when the smartphone has to put on the case first Importantly, this GamePad also needs to charge the battery as well.

How to install game Pad (Shark Space and Gamepad)

Black shark (Shark Space and Gamepad)

When using Shark Space and Gamepad for the first time, you are not able to connect. You must first connect to the GamePad (after the first connection The device will remember automatically.) You can set up the device connection for the first time through Shark Space.

Shark Space and Gamepad

Once the GamePad is installed on a smartphone. You can customize the operation as conveniently as well. You can adjust the position of the control buttons on the screen. Or if advanced customization can be adjusted in terms of game sensitivity, mouse, touch keyboard and basic operating systems

How was it for anyone wishing to be the owner of the Black Shark 2 Pro, it should be impressive in both the Shark Space and the GamePad that has it. 

Shark Space and Gamepad in Black Shark 2 Pro
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