Samsung’s decision to affect iPhone 12 screen

Samsung , one of South Korea’s most important technology brands , took a new decision on the iPhone 12 screen . Samsung, which does not want to lose its leadership in OLED screen production, continues to cooperate with Apple.

Samsung's decision to affect iPhone 12 screen

Samsung upgrades production quality for iPhone 12 display
As it is known, Samsung Display has been meeting the need for Apple’s OLED display for many years . According to the information received , the screens prepared for iPhone 12 will bear the signature of Samsung.

Some of the news sources close to Samsung have stated that Samsung officials have renewed production lines for OLED technology. Accordingly, users will meet OLED screens with better structure and technology.

Samsung's decision to affect iPhone 12 screen

Samsung Display aims to produce OLED displays with two advanced backplane connectors on the back by increasing the functionality of the production lines it uses to produce A3 OLED panels. So what are the other details?

Thanks to the new production lines, OLED displays with advanced backplane connectors and using LTPO technology will be produced. As it is known, LTPO technology allows us to use the display of smart watches continuously on.

This technology, which reduces power consumption and increases efficiency, has a structure that prevents the device from heating. LTPO is used for the production of OLED and LCD displays and contributes to the “Always on Display” feature, which ensures that a display is always on.

LTPO is currently used on Apple’s smartwatches. Samsung will now enable this infrastructure to be used on iPhone 12 models and iPhone devices that will be released later.

Samsung's decision to affect iPhone 12 screen

For now, Samsung Display is considering investing to produce 75,000 units per month from rear panels that use LTPO infrastructure and combine this technology with OLED technology. In addition, it is stated that Samsung will not use this production line for its own phones .

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Samsung’s decision to affect iPhone 12 screen

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