Samsung New Chip: has completed the development of a new 5 nm EUV chip.

Samsung recently announced that it has succeeded in developing a new chip that uses 5-nanometer process technology. E Complete UV is complete and ready to send chip samples to various smartphone manufacturers.

Samsung New Chip

Samsung has said that the chips used in the 5-nanometer process will consume 20% less energy and have 10% more performance. Also, use EUV technology (Extreme Ultra Violet) Lithography in the production process.

Samsung New Chip

The chip will be manufactured at Samsung’s factory in Hwaseong in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The plant will expand its production base in the second half of 2019 to support production in the early 2020s.

Samsung New Chip

In addition, Samsung is developing chips that use EUV 6 nm production dippers for some customers. Which is expected to be cheaper than the EUV 5 nanometer chips and may be used with mid-level smartphones.

Samsung New Chip, Samsung New Chip, Samsung New Chip

Samsung New Chip: Samsung has completed the development of a new 5 nm EUV chip.

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