Samsung Galaxy Folds Mobile Phone Review

Samsung Galaxy Folds Phone Review

Few ever use the Samsung Galaxy folds for use as the Android OS, carefully the idea that products should be understood from a slightly different perspective. Folded or rolled curl display enough to actually Folding Display half because they were not encountered in international fairs outside of the sample image is out of exclamations of “wow” in the mouth of all those who are not as many people interested in electronic products, such and he wants to talk about features and usability with the Samsung Galaxy folds have.


4.6 inches / 7.3 inches two displays

Samsung Galaxy folds


Samsung Galaxy folds have two displays. The exterior and internal 4.6-inch 720 x 1680 display is 7.3-inch 1536 x 2152 display There are mounting but regret that the external display is a little more, technical aspects neuron The status quo is seen as a long-best.

The external display is a supporting role, but the HD resolution, which is still used for operations that do not require a large screen display that can display no lack of even low-end smartphones.

Folder Display Label

Samsung Galaxy folds


The Samsung Galaxy folds made the once released smoke and Few Snow in reserve and released indigo reasons that smartphones are the world’s first high-volume folders block displays mounted simply folding display the manufacturer to create a display with samples and used as a promotional tool but.

In fact, it started selling to consumers after making a smartphone with mass production it is Samsung’s first. For this reason, when used, or the pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy folds yourself I do not which part to quite a few with the purchase, because rather than novelty and symbolism to buy look at each one to give satisfaction to the person who, indeed folder block display beyond the smartphone mobile is expected whether the center of the device.


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In the small screen to the big screen. Or vice versa.

Samsung Galaxy folds


I think maybe things are part of one of the great strengths of the Samsung Galaxy folds. 4.6 inches if there is more to see on the big screen, a piece of brief information to an external display screen by expanding the output is converted to the big screen as the app you’re currently using.

I can not feel any delay in the process was quite impressive. The screen size of 7.3 inches, so a bunch of hygiene always remains open and simple to use is in a folded state to an external display, if you want to learn to use the big screen is Expanding.

Conversely, when folded, then something in an expanded state Samsung Galaxy folds will switch to the external display. However, this part can be specified for each of your apps via “app to continue using the front screen” menu is not the default setting, the display settings.

Six cameras

Samsung Galaxy folds


When folded, the front camera and a dual-camera therein, up to three cameras to the back. Galaxy manifold has a total of six cameras. The biggest feature is if utilizing the front camera on the front of the camera when expanded, take a great performance Gonzo or mounted only solve the problem is also very suitable as a VLOG shooting purposes. The wide 7.3-inch viewfinder is a bonus.

7.3 inches large screen usability

Samsung Galaxy folds


How do I use the larger screen of 7.3 inches? Of course, when you see the video screen. But the greater, the image Show only 22340.62 $ is precious little money. Other Galaxy series that you can use to split the screen up or down from the previous multi-tasking capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy folds can be used to divide the screen into three clear. Looking at the small community posts just playing a YouTube video can I do SNS At its bottom.


Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy folds


Galaxy S10e has integrated the Power / Lock button and fingerprint sensor. Although the narrow area of ​​the physical structure recognized shortcomings. I’d like to have a pretty good recognition rate using carefully Galaxy S10e users are satisfied, the Galaxy is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor to fold it to the side. But unlike the Galaxy was S10e with a power/lock button folds Galaxy has a separate sensor below the power/lock button.

But perfectly good display fingerprint, look no apparent again to ponder Jean reminded the worthy position. And even more comfort to the fingerprint as the narrow width of the folded hands.

Softkey locations where user comfort

Before you actually contact the Samsung Galaxy folds, of course, softkey thought I’d use all the bottom of the screen. The first Samsung Galaxy folds little wonder huddle together watching the soft keys on the right side when expanded via a softkey option widely to the left and right, and center soft key allows the user to change the position toward the most comfortable to use.

But understanding is unfortunate wrinkles

Unable to finish with tempered glass in existing smartphones and unlike the front, because the display folds in half. Instead of protecting the screen with several layers of protective film to protect the full bloom folder display. In addition to protection, there are still inevitable shortcomings so far, the wrinkles in the fold.

Whether this issue later on the resolution, or this problem I’m might see different types of folders block smartphone because they can not help it structure, fully I understand, because of limitations of the technology part, but still when people view your first impression of the Samsung Galaxy folds I look at the figure from wrinkles even 

Only concerned about the durability call

Since the beginning of this year through the international reviewers’ problems are discovered, Samsung has been durability tested in-house. But everyone into it in their area of ​​concern because it is not used in the same pattern in fact. Just been released officially by the need not to worry about right now durability, but the display of the Samsung Galaxy folds back sometime this later is the same as the first worrying about whether you can see why it surprising part.

Samsung Galaxy folds

Samsung Galaxy folds belongs to quite heavy as 263g. In fact, I’d even carry a prayer feel. I think there may vary depending on the room you mind if the weight. If the idea of ​​”smartphone” 263g is relatively lightweight, can it be when I think to savor one feels heavy, “folding tablet.”

Snapdragon 855 

Samsung Galaxy folds

[IPhone XS / Samsung Galaxy folds/ Samsung Galaxy Note 10 by Geekbench5]

Fold the Galaxy is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 is equipped with its own AP instead of Samsung. After the beginning of this year. The Galaxy S10 series was released. Showing the difference in performance and camera performance. The Samsung Galaxy folds is to see you all that Snapdragon 855 is mounted. In the first place, a global, rather than national standards It seemed to be the product made by the market.

Usually, it is that the latest smartphone if the early adopters to try, or not difficult to experience in a retail store near friends easily accessible when the market nowadays reality. But the Samsung Galaxy folds are not even much to experience space differently than the other smartphone experience itself can not be in a free environment.

Also, even though the domestic market is officially released. Only a very small amount, reservations are a little late. The reality of the Galaxy’s fold is received only after a while. The target production volume this year is about 100 million. Because the win amount will be allocated to the domestic. I’d say about 30 000, initially, high prices with existing and other forms of smartphones also produce a lot of volumes, like the other smartphones.

The long hard look. Finally, sleep put a personal opinion. I would like to give a round of applause for the hit product called Samsung Galaxy folds. Of course, no one is talking about that good, to some shortcomings and prices. I want to praise the Samsung Galaxy folds.

But somewhat impatient because of title as the world’s first. Eventually pulled achieved the results are in this part of John genocide climbed to a level of enough to sell to the public will see in the future than now. The Samsung Galaxy folds 2 generations, third-generation Galaxy folds are quite expected.

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Samsung Galaxy Folds Mobile Phone Review
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