Long run has arrived – not with a blast, not indeed a whisper. Samsung has posted a video called “Get to Know the Samsung Galaxy Fold” and it’s nearly totally calm. All you listen is how the phone folds closed with the smallest “click” and the notice beep as a Galaxy Observe Dynamic begins charging from the phone much obliged to Remote PowerShare.

The one of a kind pivot that permits the Overlay to open and near easily whereas securing the screen makes no sound. The cover of that pivot can be customized – since you’re paying $1,980 for a phone, you will as well get the premium treatment.

At that point there are the cameras, they are all over the Galaxy Fold. You’ll be able to snap a selfie with the single camera on the “front” (when the phone is closed) or take a photo with the triple raise camera on the raise (wide, ultra-wide and tele). And on the off chance that the phone is open, there’s a modern double selfie camera that can be utilized instepYou will need to have the phone open indeed when shooting with the raised camera, that 7.3” screen makes surrounding the shot a breeze.

Get a closer see at the Samsung Galaxy Fold in video
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