Samsung Galaxy A80 Review Hands-On: Samsung’s innovative smartphone that comes with a stylish design. Full screen satisfied The camera can rotate to the maximum.

Hands-On: Samsung Galaxy A80, Samsung ‘s innovative smartphone that comes with a stylish design. Full screen satisfied The camera can rotate at the most mechanics !!

Today we are with Samsung ‘s new smartphone that has just launched With the Samsung Galaxy A80, this round has been launched in Thailand. Which the product itself has to say that it is very outstanding In terms of design Beautiful refit of Galaxy A Series again so much it’s called a Galaxy A top model that has it all. Introduction to this size Let’s see that, besides the beautiful design, this model still has something outstanding

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

New design, Very Beautiful!

Let’s start at the design story first. For the Galaxy A80, as I said, comes with a new look again. Comes with a large screen and can display the most vividly with the new Infinity Display that is not both O and V, no holes, no protrusion on the screen Called the entire front of the screen is a full screen, making it a great time to hold hands in the hand.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

The screen is still pretty sharp as it was with the Super AMOLED screen type and when there is no excess on the screen I have to admit that the display is the most beautiful, slim screen. The screen size of this model comes up to 6.7 inches, resolution FHD + ( 1080 x 2400 pixels) with a new aspect ratio of 20: 9, making the screen look more vivid.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

In addition to the protruding screen Channel speakers ( Ear a Piece ) was gone, too, by the A80 will use On-Screen Sound with the vibration of the screen for a phone call. Making it unnecessary to have a speaker channel to talk to you. And the top edge of the screen is also close up

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

The bottom edge of the screen is only a little left. It’s called the ultra-thin.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

The body of the Galaxy A80 is a perfect combination of glass and metal. Giving a premium feel to many Galaxy A’s. The back cover is curved cambered glass. Makes it easy to hold hands


The keypad is well positioned. Start from the Power button on the right side of the device. The position is quite good. Not too high, the model S10 Series can easily be reached. As for the add – down button, it is on the left-hand side. This time, there is no Bixby button to distract us and it’s good!

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

The connection port of this model is located at the bottom of the machine. The only port USB Type-C single cut-out port, headphone 3.5 mm. Away, and the main speaker of the phone with the SIM, it is exactly this.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

This SIM tray is nano-SIM 2 slot compatible. Yes, this model cannot add micro-SD.


Turn back to look at the back of the device as well. It will clearly see the curvature of the back cover. Hold in your hand well Personally like the time to catch in good hands. The rear glass is used as a Gorilla Glass 6 glass, adding resistance to scratches or dropping as well. The back design is smooth, with only the logo and rear camera.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

Let’s look at the camera clearly. The camera of the Galaxy A80 will come together with 3 main cameras, 48 million pixels, Ultra Wide 123 degrees and 3D Depth Sensing (ToF).

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

Flip back and turn back to see the front again. Because this model comes with a rotating camera Considered a new mechanism that is very interesting because the Galaxy A80 will use the same front – back camera. There is a camera mechanism that can be lifted along the front.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

If normal use, the camera will be in the normal rear position. But if there is an app or will turn on the camera to take a selfie, the rear panel will be lifted and the camera that has been in the back will flip back into the front camera with internal motor mechanism The first rhythm that opens the camera must exclaim in a loud heart that “exceptionally high”

Notice that from this side you will see the lifting of the parts clearly. Raised to the whole panel And when switching back to the back, we will see it like this. But not up to the usual camera switch Because it also requires rotation of the internal motor as well Not very fast But very cool. Say 

Samsung Galaxy A80

As I said that this round of the Galaxy A80 dizzy is clearly taken. Change the image of the Galaxy A Series a lot. With the most vivid screen, no ligatures, no holes on the screen Back cover and assembly work that looks more premium And the indispensable thing is that the camera mechanism can be lifted, which looks very amazing.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

For the Galaxy A80, it comes in three different colors: Ghost White, Angel Gold, and Phantom Black. Every color is unique. This black color is black with gold trim.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

Specification Samsung Galaxy A80:

  • Super Amoled screen size 6.7 “FHD + ratio 20: 9
  • Chipset Snapdragon 730 Octa-core (Dual Core 2.2GHz + Hexa Core 1.7GHz).
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB capacity
  • Unable to add a micro-SD up.
  • Battery 3700 mAh
  • Supports Super Fast Charge 25W
  • The 3 cameras 
  • The primary camera of 48 megapixels + camera Ultra Wide 8 million pixels + camera 3D Depth.
  • The front camera uses the same as the rear camera.
  • Supports fingerprint scanning on the screen
  • Supports 2 SIMs
  • Dimensions 165.2 x 76.5 x 9.3 mm .
  • Run Android 9.0 Pie with OneUI

Will see that in terms of the specification, there is another upgrade The processor is a new Snapdragon 7150 Octa-core, 8GB RAM, 128GB capacity. Unfortunately, this model can not add micro-SD, but 128GB should be left, 3700 mAh battery and high-performance camera. Used as both front and back cameras at the same time

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

Latest operating system

In the Galaxy A80 software, the latest software, Android 9.0 Pie, is covered by OneUI, similar to that of the Galaxy S10 Series. Works smoothly and smooth.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

There is a fingerprint scanning system on the screen.

As you can see, this model has no fingerprint scanning sensor on the back of the device. Because the optical sensor has been put on the screen for the A50 Series. Considered convenient to use

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

The camera can rotate evenly – front!

As I said, the camera of this model is a rotating camera. Now we make use of the camera or behind it will have the same quality like the lens of a camera as well, full of the A80 has a main 48 -megapixel f / 2.0 camera was sharp indeed. And the other one is the Ultra Wide, 123-degree wide angle, capturing various atmospheres as well

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

Now, when wanting to have a wide angle selfie, it’s not a problem. Because the camera can be extended with an Ultra Wide camera. It’s very convenient. Many features that are available from the rear camera can be used on the front camera as well. (It’s the same camera set)

The newly added 3D Depth camera will help to capture the distance between the subject and the scene in a way that can reduce the focus of the Live Focus as well as Live Focus on this video. It is called the best compression technology.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review
Supports Super Fast Charge and choruses.

Another thing that Samsung has stopped for a while is the charging system that is just 18W for a long time. Increase the charging speed up to 25W and then add the word Super to the front as a Super Fast Charge.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review


After the conclusion, try to catch!

Launched at very attractive for Galaxy A80 version of the Galaxy A, this time with a design that is pretty stunning actually have the New Infinity Display vividly than any other, plus a Super AMOLED that title. Already beautiful Comes with a rotating camera mechanism that looks wow and super cool. Beautiful, not allergic to the large version of the S family. As for the other aspects of work, we have not touched much. How can I get the machine to test again? This new specification is fast, strong, and satisfying. This is a shortened version of the Galaxy A80 each day chance for Hereford map.


Gallery Samsung Galaxy A80:


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Samsung Galaxy A80 Review Hands-On: Stylish design, Full Screen, Camera can rotate.

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