Samsung Close the last Chinese factory was crying by Huawei, and there was no chance to fight back.


As the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung has always been regarded as the strongest competitor by Huawei. However, today’s Samsung is selling well in the world, but the days in China are not so good. Because the domestic mobile phone brand is too strong, facing opponents such as Huawei and Xiaomi, Samsung, who does not like to fight the price war, has suffered. Sales in China are now plummeting. Now Ṥamsung has closed the last mobile phone manufacturer in China, which is embarrassing.

As China has become the world’s largest smartphone market, it has also gathered very good mobile phone manufacturers, resulting in Ṥamsung’s mobile phone competition in the Chinese market has no advantage. In the final analysis, Korean mobile phones have performed poorly in the Chinese market, which has led to the closure of many mobile phone factories this year. In response to this, Samsung did not respond positively. It just said that the production line would be moved to other places to formulate demand strategies according to the market. At present, India and the larger two countries are likely to benefit from this, which will bring a large number of employment opportunities, and the output will also rise sharply.




So will Samsung withdraw from the Chinese market from then on? Although Samsung mobile phones are not produced in mainland China, they will still be sold in China. In particular, Samsung Note and S series will compete with Huawei and Xiaomi as the main brands. In the low-end market, more cost-effective mobile phones will be released, but these phones are no longer made in China.

In fact, Samsung has had a very difficult time in recent years. In 2013, Ṥamsung’s mobile phone market share in China was 15%. Subsequently, the domestic mobile phone quickly rose, especially the domestically-made machine headed by Huawei, which eroded the market of Korean mobile phone brands. In 2018, Ṥamsung’s mobile phone market share in China was only 1%. Although the Samsung S10 series barely regained a face, this scene did not last long. After three months, it fell to around 0.7%, and sales were only 700,000 units.




Whether it is price or function, Samsung is almost slammed by Huawei. It can be said that almost no hope of Ṥamsung mobile phone counterattack in China, even if the 5G era is coming, it is not Huawei’s opponent. At present, only Apple’s mobile phone has a certain share in the Chinese market, and it is likely to follow Ṥamsung’s footsteps in the future.

Samsung Close the last Chinese factory | Crying By Huawei
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