Review: iPhone 12 review specifications release date price Full Review

What will the iPhone 12 be like?

iPhone 12 is the upcoming 2020 Apple smartphone that will usher in a new iPhone update cycle. AboutiPhone 12 ,iPhone 12 Pro and The iPhone 12 Pro Max already knows a lot. Smartphones will receive a full redesign, another unusual camera, updated displays and many other features. In this article, we have collected all the reliable information about future iPhones. After reading the material, many of you will definitely want to start saving money by next fall. Review

Camera: New camera features in Apple iPhone 12 or 12 Pro and 12 Pro max

How many new iPhones will be

In 2020, Apple will again release three new smartphones. About itAccording to authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who is famous for dozens of true predictions regarding Apple devices. According to its sources, in the fall of 2020 will be released: Review

  • 5.4 inch iPhone with OLED screen,
  • 6.1 inch iPhone with OLED screen,
  • 6.7-inch iPhone with OLED screen.

All new Apple 2020 smartphones will have OLED display . iPhone with LCDs will be a thing of the past.


Just a few years ago, there was no doubt about how Apple would call its new smartphones. IPhone 5s followed iPhone 5s, and after that everyone was waiting for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s next. No surprises, complete stability.

But everything changed after the release the X the iPhone . Apple began to practice naming. It got to the point that the last 6.5-inch smartphone company callediPhone 11 Pro Max ! If you tell someone in 2015 that the iPhone will have such a name soon, he would definitely not believe it.

New claim on iPhone 12 launch date iPhone 12 release date and price what is the release date for iphone 12 iphone 12 design iphone 12 leaks iphone 12 pro

Apple itself seems to like these names. There are currently no apparent leaks about what the 2020 iPhone will be called. There are only assumptions based on the names of the latest iPhone models.

Most likely, Apple will name the following smartphones iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, similar to previous models. The names are bulky, but they won’t get confused.

At the same time, the “starting” and less expensive iPhone 12 model will have a 6.1-inch display. The iPhone 12 Pro is a 5.4-inch and the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a 6.7-inch. This was confirmed by the same expert Min-Chi Kuo.


New iPhone will have an updated design. Apple will greatly change the look of its smartphones for the first time in three years. Review

The main innovation will be related to the shape of the case. The connecting frame will no longer be rounded,its corners will be straight . According to Min-Chi Kuo, such a design decision will make the new iPhone look like the already legendary iPhone 4.

Also, the rectangular side faces of the iPhone 12 will be similar to those of tablets The latest generation iPad Pro . By the way, when Apple just introduced the iPad Pro 2018 in a new design, experts immediately suggested the appearance of similar faces in the iPhone. After this information, other leaks confirmed.

Review: iPhone 12 review specifications release date price Full Review

The materials used for the iPhone 12 case will change. First of all, the new iPhones will have a metal frame with a more complex design usingnew casting technology . The frame will connect solid safety glass that will cover the front and back surfaces of the case.

According to Min-Chi Kuo, production costs will increase due to the use of technologies unique to the iPhone. According to the analyst, the maximum increase may be 60%. How much this will affect the final price of the iPhone 12 is unknown.

The expert also emphasized that rectangular frames in the style of iPhone 4 and new materials will change the appearance of new products “significantly”. Note that the analyst is usually not scattered by such statements. Most likely, we are really waiting for a powerful redesign of the iPhone.

The design of the iPhone 12 will be refreshed on the front surface. By According to insider Ben Geskin, Apple will be able to get rid of the “monobrow” in the following iPhones.

This means that the frame around the perimeter of the screen in the iPhone 12 will have the same thickness. Geskin presented a visualization of such a design solution. It is important to note that this concept is based on leaks, not a validated prototype or CAD drawings.

New iPhone will receive significant changes in appearance throughout the case. Min-Chi Kuo is confident that the redesign will allow smartphones to become incredibly popular with consumers.

By the way, the expert raised his expectations from iPhone sales after a redesign leak appeared. Now the specialist believes that in 2020 Apple will immediately sell 85 million smartphones. For comparison, in 2019, this figure will be approximately 75 million. ReviewReview


All new Apple 2020 smartphones will have OLED screens. This was stated by leading analysts, as well as indicated by potential suppliers of Apple.

Face ID: iPhone 12 will receive an updated system of Face ID and Lightning

Company agreed with LG and BOE on the supply of OLED screens for future iPhones. Apple needed new suppliers because Samsung alone could not produce the required number of screens.

iPhone 12 (concept)

As noted above, the new iPhones will be equipped with screens with a diagonal of 5.4-, 6.1- and 6.7 inches. While there is no information about the characteristics of the screens. Resolution, pixel density per inch, brightness, dynamic range and other details are unknown.

Nevertheless, one very interesting fact is already connected with the display of one of the future iPhone. The upcoming 5.4-inch “iPhone 12 Pro” will be the first flagship in Apple’s history, in which the screen size will be smaller, not bigger! ReviewReview

This will happen for the first time. According to experts, this will mean that Apple is still listening to consumers. The company has long been asked to release another compact iPhone, but instead the maximum diagonal of smartphones is only growing. Next year, she will reach an absolute record of 6.7 inches.

iPhone 12 (concept)

Against this background, the 5.4-inch iPhone will look extremely compact. Moreover, it will actually be small.

In one of our posts about the iPhone 12, we calculated the most likely dimensions of the 5.4-inch model. They should be 134 × 66.4 mm. For comparison, the dimensions of the 4-inch iPhone SE – 123.8 × 58.6 mm. The difference is very small.

At the same time, you do not have to peer at the screen. In such a compact case, a 5.4-inch display with minimal frames will fit. The screen will be enough to comfortably view content of any type.

The displays of the new iPhone 12 will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz. About this in the summer of 2020stated a well-known insider Ice Universe. According to the leak, in the iPhone settings you can choose the frequency of the screen refresh manually. Users will be able to set 60 Hz during normal use of the smartphone to save battery power and choose 120 Hz for games.

CPU and memory

For the performance of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the system on the Apple A14 processor will be responsible. To date, there is no information about the new chip.

The first details may appear in October, after presentations of newiPad Pro 2019 . The tablets will be equipped with an A13X Bionic processor. Based on its characteristics, it will be possible to accurately predict the features of the A14 chip.

The new iPhone should have increased RAM. All iPhones of the 2019 model have 4 GB of RAM – there has been no progress compared to the iPhone XS / XS Max. It is expected that future “iPhone 12” will receive 6 GB of RAM. At least flagship models.

Apple Smartphone Redesign iPhone 12 Pro with iPad Pro Design

The amount of internal memory in the new iPhone should become larger. The reason is the same – Apple left the internal memory unchanged in the iPhone 11 compared to the iPhone XS.  Review Review

Apple is expected to follow trends. The amount of memory in the starting version of smartphones can become equal to 128 GB. The average model will receive – 512 GB, the maximum – 1 TB, by analogy with the latest Samsung smartphones.

However, right now, information about the internal memory of the iPhone 12 is speculation by insiders. In reality, everything will depend on whether Apple considers it right to continue the “gigabyte race.”

Main camera Review

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with a system of four cameras:

  • 12 megapixel wide angle
  • 12 megapixel telephoto cameras,
  • 12 megapixel ultra wide angle,
  • 3D cameras Time of Flight.

The new Time-Flight 3D camera will be a key innovation for future iPhones. Its main feature is the ability to determine the distance of an object with the highest accuracy. The camera sensor measures the flight of the beam, hence the name Time of Flight. The Time of Flight camera is also called time-of-flight. Review

The 3D camera will provide smartphones with a number of new features. First of all, the camera will improve the quality of images, especially in portrait mode. Due to the improved perception of the depth of the camera, it will ideally separate the subject from the background in the process of creating photos with the effect of depth of field.

Also, the ToF camera will expand the capabilities of the iPhone in augmented reality. Users will be able to scan various objects of the living world for later use in augmented reality applications. According to rumors, these features will be combined with the functions of Apple’s new smart glasses, the launch of which was previously forecasted for 2020.


The battery capacity in the new iPhone has not yet been disclosed. You should expect another increase, as it was in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The flagships of the Apple sample of 2019 received noticeablyincreased battery life – by four and five hours, respectively.

Expect the same big increase in the iPhone 12, however, is not worth it. The reason is that new iPhones will receive support for fifth-generation networks. The presence of 5G modems on smartphones will certainly negatively affect the operating time without recharging.


Yes, there was a spoiler above . The new iPhone 12 will be the first iPhone with 5G support. Especially for this, Appleentered into a truce with Qualcomm, the manufacturer of 5G modems. Litigation lasting several years was terminated for the purpose of joint cooperation.

Moreover, Apple and Qualcomm already We agreed on the specific supply of 5G modems for the iPhone. This was confirmed by documents from the courts. Thanks to them, it became known that the 2020 iPhone will have 5G support. Review

iPhone 12 pro max 2020 full Review

For fans of iPhone from Russia, this news is not the most interesting. The fact is that Russian operators have not yet launched a single fifth-generation public network. Currently, the start of 5G deployment in Russiascheduled for 2021

Security systems Review

Back in early 2019 on the web There were rumors about Apple’s intention to equip the iPhone 12 with a fingerprint scanner on the screen. According to leaks, the company plans to complement the Face ID face-scan feature, offering users an alternative.

However, there was not a single confirmation of this information from more or less reliable sources. In this regard, while the information about the return of Touch ID to the iPhone is nothing more than rumors.

iPhone 12 with Touch ID on the screen (concept)

As for Face ID, there are no confirmed leaks about feature enhancements in the iPhone 12.

The price of iPhone 12 in Russia
The most interesting is the price. With a high probability, the cost of the new iPhone 12 will be higher compared to previous models.

First, the iPhone 12 is the first model of the new cycle of Apple smartphones. Secondly, the cost of production will increase due to the use of new technologies. And thirdly, Appledid not raise iPhone prices in 2019, which many experts were surprised. Probably, the price increase was postponed to 2020 and the first iPhone from the new cycle.

We assume that the price of the new iPhone will increase by at least $ 50.

Price for iPhone 12 in Dollar

iPhone 12 prices leaked Bad news to competitors iPhone 12 pricing leaks no 5G premiumiPhone 12


Note: These are estimated prices based on forecasts and leaks.

iPhone 12 –
iPhone 12 Pro – 
iPhone 12 Pro Max –

More accurate information on the likely prices of the new iPhone will appear closer to September 2020.

IPhone 12 Released

Presentation and release of the following iPhone models will be held according to the traditional schedule for Apple. In 2019, Russia was included in the list of countries of the first wave in which new iPhones became available. We expect a similar move by the American company in a year. Thanks to this, it will be possible to purchase highly updated iPhones in Russia in the second half of September. Review

  • The presentation of the iPhone 12 is the first half of September 2020.
  • The release date for iPhone 12 is the second half of September 2020.

It is assumed that all three new iPhone models of 2020 will be launched at the same time, as in 2019 in the case of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Review

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Review: iPhone 12 review specifications release date price Full Review
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