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Reddit and LinkedIn fix coming with iOS 14

Reddit and LinkedIn fix coming with iOS 14

With iOS 14, important features will be added to iPhones . One of the features added to the new version was to determine whether the applications violated data. After the data appeared to be copied in the Reddit and Linkedln applications, the Reddit and LinkedIn fix camefrom the applications .

Reddit and LinkedIn fix
A developer who recently tested Apple’s iOS 14 version revealed that the LinkedIn app is copying data. Erran Berger, who works as an engineer at Linkedln, says that this was caused by a software problem. In addition, a similar problem was encountered in the Reddit application.

iOS 14 is now available to users with beta. Of course, although there are problems due to being a beta here, it has recently revealed that mobile applications are copying data, it continues to do so.

More recently emerged Linkedln after data breach Reddit also mentioned a similar situation for the subject was. Reddit reports that it corrects the code that copies the clipboard contents in the iOS application.

Reddit says it will release a fix for a piece of code that copies content from the user boards. Users in the beta version of iOS 14, which received an alert when an application attempted to copy the clipboard information, also received this notification in Reddit’s iOS app. Reddit will release this update on July 14, 2020.

Let’s see if there is a similar situation in other applications after Reddit and LinkedIn fix?

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Reddit and LinkedIn fix coming with iOS 14
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