Ray tracing “chaos” around Cyberpunk 2077: developers and Nvidia confuse the players

In the course of the latest information post about Cyberpunk 2077, a confusing debate arose around the ray tracing features of the upcoming RPG heavyweight. Numerous players wonder: Which pictures and videos show activated RT functions and which ones don’t? Unfortunately CD Project and Nvidia are not clear enough.

Ray tracing "chaos" around Cyberpunk 2077: developers and Nvidia confuse the players

A lot of confusion has arisen around the ray tracing support in Cyberpunk 2077. Because while we at PCGH are definitely roaming through the night streets of Night City with activated RT features (RT Diffuse Illumination, RT Ambient Occlusion and RT shadows, but not yet RT Reflections), those from CD were missing Project made screenshots and video clips of such information available to the press.

Nvidia, Sony, Microsoft – who is right now?
The focus is on some trailers and screenshots that were uploaded by Nvidia as well as by Sony and Microsoft as part of their PR work. The California-based GPU giant has published some exclusive screenshots on its own blog , which are said to have been taken with activated RT features – since the pictures did not appear anywhere else, ray tracing should be relatively safe. Subsequently, however, the new trailer called “The Gig” is shown, to which Nvidia specifically writes: “[…] see a brand new ray-traced trailer […]”.

However, Sony has uploaded the exact same trailer for the PS4 version , and it can be doubted that the next-gen ray tracing version would be shown here. And Microsoft goes one step further – you upload a longer gameplay summary without any details . Xbox One? Xbox Series X? RT yes? / No? At least it won’t be the PC version.

Focus on the Internet
And what about the numerous fans? The PC learners, the consoleros, the fans of the title? Well, they do what you do on the Internet these days: You hit the digital heads on the common community platforms and defend your own territory. While one party swears that such graphic splendor is only possible on the PC, the other defends the upcoming Nextgen consoles and their ray tracing capabilities thanks to the built-in RDNA2 architecture.

CD Project should therefore ensure clarity and show clearly declared material with and without RT. However, that would stand in the way of the major manufacturers’ PR plans, as you can see at Sony and Microsoft.

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Ray tracing “chaos” around Cyberpunk 2077: developers and Nvidia confuse the players
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