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Pocophone F1 has done what OnePlus couldn’t accomplish this year – think of a leader executioner with a stunning cost. The F1 has everything and we mean the world – an exceptional screen with a score that holds the infrared scanner for face open, the most recent Snapdragon chip, expandable capacity, stereo speakers, all the important ports, and top of the line camera experience on the two sides of the gadget.

The OnePlus 6 is the Pocophone’s actual adversary, yet first of all – it’s increasingly costly. For the additional money, you will get an AMOLED board, glass body and OIS for the principle camera, yet are those value the value contrast? The F7 has a second rate chipset, primary camera, and battery, it likewise needs stereo speakers and quick charging, however, at any rate, it can boast with a higher-res selfie camera.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 SE approaches the Pocophone F1 cost. It contains a glass body with the metal edge, an AMOLED show and proportionate selfie-and fundamental camera courses of action still a chipset Snapdragon 710 a small second rate and Humbler battery.


Pocophone F1

It moreover avoids the infrared analyzing tech for face open. The Xiaomi Mi 8 could be a predominant coordinate, however progressively exorbitant. It redraws with an AMOLED screen, a pleasant-looking plan, and assistant camera fax at the back, but will expel the gigantic battery, sound recording, FM radio, stereo speakers, and indeed the harbor infrared.

It is serious decision. Finally, honor diversion costs as much as the Pocophone in India and offers something exceptionally comparable – the astounding execution barely anything. It has a huge and jagged screen Huawei Kirin 970 chipset and great features of the camera, but the Pocophone is basically better in every perspective but the structure – it is even more dominant, a better all-round experience camera, other highlights, and won “t hot by any stretch of the imagination.

The verdict

Pocophone F1 Snapdragon 845 cheaper phone. Be that as it may, rather than simply making an alright telephone with a top of the line chipset, Xiaomi bet everything and made outstanding amongst other all-around gadgets we’ve seen in a long time.

The Pocophone F1 has everything – from the screen, through the ground-breaking equipment, through the huge battery, to the competent cameras. The arrangement is improved by the little bits, for example, stereo speakers, FM radio, expandable capacity.

The Pocophone may need water-sealing and OIS for the camera, yet on the off chance that those are the slices that must be made to keep the value that low, we’d readily take that. The Poco F1 is the inside and out entertainer, many have been hanging tight for since OnePlus chose to go increasingly premium. Sorry 1+, the Flagship Killer title presently has a place with another telephone – the Pocophone F1. It sure is turning out to be an unquestionable requirement purchase!

Pocophone F1 Pro And Cons reviews
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