PlayStation 5 processor

PlayStation 5 Processor Speed Emerges

PlayStation 5 processor speed emerges


PlayStation 5 processor

How fast is the Sony PlayStation 5 processor? Here is the answer

The PlayStation 5 features, which will be released in 2020, remain unclear. The latest sharing of the game console revealed the CPU clock speed. According to the share, the PlayStation 5 processor will run at 3.2 GHz.

During the past weeks, the code names of the chip were revealed during the sharing with the console and during the EGX 2019 event. Gonzalo, Prospero, and Oberon code names were determined by the Digital Foundry team to be correct.

Gonzalo APU’un test scores will give power to the console in recent shares emerged. Accordingly, the PlayStation 5’s graphics unit will perform better than the NVIDIA GTX 1080.

PlayStation 5 processor features
After all these shares, the PS5 processor features became apparent. Accordingly, the PS5 will have an 8-core and 16-core CPU running at 3.2 GHz. In this way, high-end graphics technologies can be presented to the end-user with the PS5 console without difficulty.

Although there are many unknown features in the design and other features of the model, the competence in CPU and GPU is likely to delight gamers.

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On the other hand, images of the developer kit of the device were published last week and it was stated that the device is the same as the leaked images.

PlayStation 5 Processor Speed Emerges
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