PlayStation 5 Price Survey Results Playstation 5 Price In UK

PlayStation 5 Price Survey Results


PlayStation 5

For both PlayStation fans and the Sony front, the week has been quite intense. The company made the first announcement regarding the release date of the PlayStation 5, signaling the end of 2020 for the console. Immediately after this announcement, there were rumors about the price of PlayStation 5.


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PlayStation 5


What is the price of PlayStation 5?
The PlayStation 5 release date is set by the end of 2020. In a statement about the console last week, this date and some new features were announced to game lovers. The console, whose name is also confirmed by this description, will be waiting for the players in the Dualshock 5 controller.

Daily Star website PlayStation 5 price preferences asked the game lovers. With the survey, the players’ willingness to pay for the new console was more or less shaped.

First of all, five different options were offered in the survey: £ 349, £ 399, £ 449, £ 499 and £ 500 and more.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro had an exit price of £ 349.

PlayStation 5 is thought to be a pioneer of technology, and so the estimates are for a label price of £ 500 or more. However, 29 percent of those surveyed with more than 6,000 games don’t want to pay the new console a higher price than the PlayStation 4 launch price.

27 percent of the respondents have chosen £ 399, 15 percent have chosen £ 449, 15 percent have chosen £ 499, and 14 percent have chosen £ 500 and more.

The company will make a statement regarding the price of the new console in the coming months. Following this announcement, we will see the level of expectations.

Finally, let’s look at the innovations that will come with the console. With the new console, the new controller will end with the players. This controller will have a tactile feedback feature. In addition, the trigger buttons R2 and L2 can be set to adaptive.

PlayStation 5 Price Survey Results Playstation 5 Price In UK
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