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Hello, the game I picked for review today is the most advanced Battle Royals game that has just been released in our store recently. The game I’m talking about is Overdox . The charm of this game is high-tech, innovative, although the Battle Royals game has a gameplay style that is quite different from other similar games.

Overdox is a game that is provided by Haegin Co., Ltd., which has been available in stores in other countries for a while. But our home has just been played recently. Overdox is a sci-fi battle royals game with various themes. The system will look a bit advanced, but the fun with the mood of the game should be familiar to gamers. This is well

Let’s take a look at the photo work. The graphics of this game are very interesting.  The picture was not anime. But looks like a clear game Called from where? Know that this is a character from the game. The scenes look very modern and interesting, and the sound system works well.



As I said, this is a Battle Royals game and I said that it is a modern game. Many people may think of a cool gun. With crushing fire with various guns But no weapons you will use in this game are all melee weapons. In which Kursa can choose weapons from the time of character creation (The weapon chosen at first Can be changed later). The selected weapons will have different properties But the overall picture is not an advantage Or very disadvantageous, I will not recommend the characteristics of each weapon Because this part is learned in the game gradually, choosing to be more fun

Let’s look at the game itself. When entering the game, you will find that you and other players Distributed in the closed area of ​​the game Look like a maze In which your goal is to eliminate all other players and get to the center of the map If successful, you will become a winner.

In battle, this is a Battle Royals game that uses fighting in the form of Action games, as all players use weapons at close range. Therefore inevitably have to face each other directly Which you can dodge under the grass If you can eliminate the opponent You will receive items from that opponent.

What is quite interesting in this game is to find resources in the game. The coin will fall.  Where you can buy the necessary medicine Or even skills can be purchased. In this game, you will not have any skills with you. In addition to automated vending machines In the game, there are still many well-packed chests all over the area. If found, don’t forget to visit to pick up good things as well.

For the skill effects of this game was not too much Some skills will look somewhat advanced, but it is appropriate when drilling with the game well. There are only 3 skill slots in the game, in which 3 slots include the use of drug items. Therefore, if you buy any skill, you must think carefully because it has limited slots to put in.

The difficulty of the game in the area. Even though it is a closed area But it is in a maze style that makes it seem confusing and find the way to the center of the map is quite difficult but it is a difficult way to play and enjoy

Aside from other players that you have to eliminate Throughout your journey, You will find many machines that attack you. Eliminate everything These machines are the source of experience. And dropping top-quality items



And typical of the Battle Royals game. This game has limited space at a specific time. Or that you easily understand That the band squeezed But this game is quite difficult than other games Because the area is a maze Quite difficult to find a way So you have to go far before the space limit begins.


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As for the character You can choose to wear different parts to build strength. The different parts are sets and weapons, which are divided into personal parts, head, cape, and weapons.

All parts can be upgraded to strengthen. Which the upgrade requires a certain level of resources

Various parts that can be easily found every time after playing You will receive resources for opening the box. When collected, the box can be opened. Those boxes will drop in different pieces of gold, with different levels of boxes. The higher the level, the more valuable the item can be dropped.

You can test different parts of the Train system. This system gives you the freedom to wear different parts. Including allowing you to try various weapons Too

Let’s take a look at the assistant system. This game, your assistant will be a drone. Who should use the word wisely More than genius With each drone having different capabilities So choose the one that thinks is right for you?

This game focuses on playing online with friends. Initially open to play in the normal way And the game creation mode with friends Which in normal play it can be played to store the level of the players

In addition, there are special missions for you to challenge. To receive valuable items as well If you can’t open the box you want Try to do this special mission But not that it will be easy to accomplish. You must use your skills.

Finally, with a system that makes the game look a bit more RPG games like the mission system And the goal This system will give you the necessary items. And can be done every day

And this is a cool Overdox Battle Royals game that will give you a new experience to play this type of game, if anyone likes Battle Royals games, then come to try this game may feel strange. But once played, I will know for sure that this game is fun As for general gamers, if I recommend it, I recommend it. Personally, I like this game to a certain extent.


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