OPPO Reno2 Review: What is the price of oppo reno2

OPPO Reno2 Review: Checking Invisible Content


OPPO Reno2 

New smartphone manufacturers of the top 5 OPPO brands are entering the Ukrainian market. The manufacturer is already on the site

There is information about the availability of the model. And the disposal of publishers gg was Reno2 best models of the 10 days of the photos Portfolio manufacturers. In this review, we share the impressions of smartphone cameras and devices as a whole.

What is this?
The OPPO Reno2 is a smartphone in the price category; last year the flagship with the best camera on the market, a long-lasting battery and the top bracket performance of the middle segment. The OPPO Reno2 camera consists of four modules, which is interesting in that the main camera is 48 megapixels. There is also a super-wide-angle module designed for landscape shooting and super macro shooting. But the main features of this device are 5x hybrid zoom and night mode, which are removed even in the dark.

What brand is this-OPPO?
I have already talked a bit about the brand, the London presentation report from OPPO Reno2 and interviews with company executives. It is included in the portfolio of the top brands of the Chinese company BBK Electronics (which also owns the Vivo, Realme, OnePlus brands, but which use separate technology developments but do not overlap in marketing). In the OPPO brand, the first smartphones with screen fingerprint scanners and driving cameras appeared. By the way, all this is in Reno2.

Now the manufacturer is the world’s fifth-largest, according to IDC, the top is Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple. The main market is China, but the company began to actively expand to European countries and this year it is expanding to four new markets, including Ukraine. She has a fairly strong position in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asia.

What is included in OPPO Reno2?
Smartphone, charger, clip for installation SIM card, cool headset and leather case. Silenced aquamarine color with the blue device. The case has cutouts like the front and 4 modules’ main back. In theory, if the case protrudes above the case and falls off, the screen is further protected.

OPPO Reno2

How about your design?
OPPO Reno2 is a representative product of time and device class. If the glass case of the huge color has a huge endless screen but does not already have a cutout (the front camera is hidden in the drawer). Ocean Blue-all blue shades/body shines and glitters, reflects the world around you and collects fingerprints. This event is actually similar to a water column.

The case under the camera has a small railing. He has a design (aka “cake on cherry”) and a functional mission. If your smartphone is in your hands, you can explore higher places. You should not put your camera and fingers. Otherwise, you need to clean the lens from the prints. Also, when the smartphone is on the table, the projection of the camera reduces the possibility of touching the surface.

OPPO Reno2

The flaw in the case is also classic. You do not even have to collect and erase fingerprints too strongly. This is not a problem in this case.

The gsmarena model specifications use the Gorilla 6th generation safety glass on the front and the fifth on the back. I used a smartphone without a case but a protective film or thin glass was stuck on the screen but I still didn’t understand. There is no scratch on the back. The protective layer on the front is shallow but shallow. The tip is aluminum. Color is almost merged with the body. Durability Not susceptible to slight scratches or the material is well painted and inconspicuous.

Smartphones are heavy and all hands feel grams, but the weight is well balanced and the devices do not skew each other. Easy to use with one hand (resize, of course) and move if needed.

Screen lock and volume keys are spaced apart at the other end, but low, so you don’t have to reach them. The OPPO in communication highlights the premium features of high-end and mid-range devices (Reno-medium), and can be read at the design level in Reno2. There is an audio output! There is also a USB Type-C connector. There is only one speaker and not enough stereo. Cool on its own but not loud.



The design feature of the model is smooth lines. There are no corners and protruding parts. Even the camera is flushed. But when you close the cover, it rises above the cover. This prevents the lens from touching the fingerprint and the surface.

The front camera moves diagonally. By the way, it has its own speakers. Visually, this design looks more stable. But I’m still skeptical about the appearance of mechanical elements in delicate creatures like smartphones.

OPPO Reno2

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Is the screen hard?
The OPPO Reno2 received a 6.5-inch AMOLED display since there is no camera cutout, 93% of the smartphone’s front panel (87.5% of the other data on the glass Maren) minimizes the frame on all sides of the frame.

Results of measuring screen brightness using a colorimeter Maximum at 475 cd / m2. The indicators are fine, not the best. There was no problem with readability on the street. But on the plane, the screen flickered under the almost horizontal rays of the dawn sun. I had to close the window blinds.

There are several color modes in the settings. For example, you can make colors less vivid (and closer to the IPS matrix), and cooler. I measured at an average temperature. In the dark, the screen was as close to the standard as possible, and in the bright, the revelation began (see screenshot below). But life is normal and nice color rendering.


You can also increase/decrease in settings Font, Flicker Off, Blue Filter On, Full-Screen Mode Application Selection, Night Calendar On and Clock Off to show the clock on the screen. Standard set.a

OPPO Reno2 Review: What is the price of oppo reno2
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