OPPO A73 Mobile Review


A brand new mobile  phone for you its price is only 26,000RS

This phone has the slickest body style which is very handy to carry in the pocket. its body dimension is 156.5 x 76 x 7.5 mm (6.16 x 2.99 x 0.30 in). The new modernized design makes OPPO A73 a stylish accessory to handle this phone has the perfect display for internet surfing for reading for watching videos. it’s 6 inches screen will be best for you and if you want to lick clean and beautiful selfies the 16-megapixel front camera is a superb option for you. Which provides different photo enhancing modes and phase focusing high profile selfie camera to take the best sharp and clear photos and videos.


You don’t need to worry about storage because this phone has a lot of Ram you know what is the meaning of lots of rams. This means you can run many applications at the same time 4GB RAM will be flawless for you and the other good news is your mobile phone speed will be high due to high RAM and processer
2.5Ghz CPU will give you faster-processing speed.

This phone has the perfect battery timing you want to go anywhere you can go you don’t need any power bank etc because you will have OPPO A73. This phone has 3115mAh battery timing you can watch movies you can use social media you can do whatever you want to do because this battery timing will be really helpful for you.

This is a Dual SIM you can use two networks at the same time It has FM radio, Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, Edge, 4G LTE data. micro USB 2.0 and has the features of phase detection, OPPO A73 attributes fingerprint, accelerometer, proximity and compass sensors this also has a feature like a fingerprint scanner. You can easily unlock your phone with your fingerprint and this is how your data will be protected and private and OPPO A73 also offers a super friendly flagship function unlocking your screen simply by holding the phone up as if to say hi. 


It’ll offer assistance when your hands are wet. You’ll be able to utilize either your confront or your fingerprint as the password. And both are fast and convenient. And in the event that you’re affectionate of gaming and Are you always caught mad between an energetic diversion and an approaching call? Do you have got to lick the clean when your triumph is so near but captured by a phone call? ColorsOS 3.2 can offer assistance diminish your dissatisfaction by giving you the choice: nonstop gaming or replying your phone —- it is your call

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OPPO A73 Mobile Review
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