OpenRAN Fan Vodafone Trials White Box Radio Tech In UK

OpenRAN fan Vodafone trials white box radio tech in UK



In Europe, operator Vodafone (the largest company in the world) has begun testing the new OpenRAN standard.

Destroy the existing monopoly on the site.Telecommunication equipment production. Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia are the best. In the latter case, the price tag continues to inflate without competition, and the terms of sale are not profitable, so the operator must use the equipment without having to pair with a third party.
How much is this beast?

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OpenRAN turns on communications equipment in a cluster consisting of standardized blocks that will be implemented on a free (open) platform of software and hardware. This will cause serious competition for currently closed products of monopolies.

Experts estimate that 65% of mobile network costs are the owner of the RAN infrastructure. Today’s operators are working independently to reduce network costs by virtualizing their networks or moving to the cloud. At present, the dependence on the monopoly is 100%, and the manufacturer exclusively supplies the equipment in batch runs, so there is no freedom to choose the composition. If you have a mission to reduce the risk, then you need to buy ready-made packages from both manufacturers, which leads to big losses.



At the same time, the creation of oligopoly is due to the fact that small vendor companies could not develop normally. Now, third-party equipment manufacturers can do nothing, the system is a completely closed ecosystem.

OpenRAN Development Intel Company with Vodafone. In software, everything is standardized: large equipment, antennas, towers, etc. The technique has already been tested in laboratories in South Africa, as well as Turkey. 2G communications and high-speed 4G met these standards.

Development significantly reduces the cost of building and operating a mobile network. In addition, due to its flexible scalability, OpenRAN will cover the farthest regions. Trials are already underway in over 100 regions and are scheduled to be launched in Mozambique Congo in the UK.



Experts agree that OpenRAN will do, it is advantageous to build a network that is not profitable according to existing standards. There will also be new suppliers that will grow quickly and the monopoly will soon be over.

What are the benefits of OpenRAN?
At last year’s MWC, Vodafone already demonstrated a prototype of a new base station and explained the benefits of this approach. What are the benefits of open virtualization and who can leverage it?



To the operator. Balance against the monopoly supplying all equipment to all existing operators. Without limits, the economy of cellular networks is taking a new dimension. New manufacturer. Low entry fees will contribute to the emergence of new manufacturers in this business, and competition will reappear. 

The main point is the stability of communication. If there is an alternative solution, stability is always at a higher level.


With the introduction of OpenRAN will be a telecom industry, a full member of the global IT industry. New participants will certainly bring a lot of innovation, which will generally improve business performance. Yes. End-users’ cellular communications will be cheaper, including 5G.

OpenRAN Fan Vodafone Trials White Box Radio Tech In UK
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