Tested and proven: Night mode on iOS 13 saves iPhone charge


Night mode on iOS 13

Night mode on iOS 13

Apple is actively updating its smartphone to the latest version of the operating system iOS 13.

OS innovation-a dark topic that not only saves eyesight but also saves battery power. The people of PhoneBuff got to know.
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For testing, I used two iPhone XS Max iOS 13’s 200-knit displays adjusted for brightness. One and the second dark theme turned on. After that, the robot did the same thing at the same time, scrolling through the feed on Twitter, watching videos on YouTube, and navigating Google Maps.

At the same time, the battery charge was recorded. As a result, even when the “normal” smartphone is turned off and fully discharged, the “partner” in night mode still has a 30% charge.

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Night mode on iOS 13

Night mode on iOS 13

But there is “but”: dark mode is only valid for devices with OLED screens. The IPS matrix requires energy to display all the colors, so you don’t feel battery saving.

Night Mode On iOS 13 Saves iPhone Charge | Tested And Proven
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