Motorola One Action A smartphone with an action camera

Motorola One Action A smartphone with an action camera

At least as far as North America is concerned Motorola’s target audience or at least the people. who tend to buy their stuff and most frequently are older men and that’s fine but that’s not necessarily.

What you can rely on when you want to grow as a company and that’s when Motorola wants to do and that’s why a device like the new Motorola one action exists it’s a weird smartphone sort of like the other devices.

it’s put out fairly recently but that’s what makes them interesting and that’s what Motorola hopes will attract a younger more globally thoughtful audience. let’s take a closer look now right up front I will say that the one action does share quite a bit in common with the Motorola one vision.

That we saw earlier this year it has an octa-core Samsung Exynos chip said making it one of the few non-Samsung devices out there to use Samsung’s own silicon to power it we’re also looking at a 21 by 9 display that’s meant for a more cinematic approach and we’ve seen it in devices.

motorola one action

Like the one vision as I’ve said and the Xperia One as we see this kind of super widescreen content become more popular people are going to want more of these screens but the design here especially with respect to the screen does have other benefits to Motorola told me that the narrower design of phones with this super tall aspect ratio screen is actually a little more comfortable for women and younger people to hold to which is exactly what you want to keep in mind when you want to grow your business it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty good-looking screen.

It runs at full HD Plus and it stretches six point three inches across the face of the device complete with a hole now Motorola went with a hole here instead of a notch because the way they see it when you’re watching something that immersive on a screen like that you’re less likely to pay attention to the corner so even though that hole is a little bigger than the notches you might see on Motorola phones.

It’s gonna be less noticeable the rest of the basics are pretty much in line with what you’d expect from a mid-range device we’re looking at a 3500 mAh battery for gigabytes of RAM 128 gigs of storage complete with an external slot you can augment that storage even more.

If you need to and it does run Android 9pi complete with Motorola’s generally subtle software flourishes and that’s where we do kind of have to dig in a little more Motorola’s Android one devices have usually stuck in line with Google’s Android 1 program which has specific criteria involved for software updates and how clean the software is actually going to be everywhere outside the United States is going to get an Android one powered Motorola 1 action

If you’re in u.s. though Motorola feels that its own software actually offers a lot and since it has a lot more experience shipping devices with that software in u.s. well we’re getting Motorola to let’s take on Android which to be fair is still plenty clean and actually really nice to use really though the big draw here is the camera or the cameras I should say there are three of them here and they each do something a little bit different.

motorola one action

I only mention this because we’ve seen triple-camera setups before and they generally skew towards one of a handful of different types sometimes you get an ultra-wide sometimes you get a zoom-in there but it’s usually a pretty set mixture of lenses that give you a little more flexibility than.

What you might be used to then one action is a little bit different the main camera is a 12-megapixel sensor with an F 1.8 aperture and phase detection autofocus and in my experience limited as it may be it actually turned out some pretty nice shots.

The secondary camera is a 5 megapixel sensor that’s almost dedicated to just gathering depth data so you’re able to take portraits that actually do a pretty good job of separating your subject from its background the third camera really isn’t for photos at all this is the camera that gives the moto 1 action the action in its name Motorola is kind of looking at it as a sort of a GoPro situation that’s happening in the back with smartphone and what’s really interesting about.

It is a Motorola knows that even though they tend to look pretty bad Motorola knows people generally take a lot of videos with their phones being held upright or in portrait and that’s less than stellar for everybody involved so that’s why they’ve actually mounted the video sensor here 90 degrees off-axis it’s actually meant to horizontally so even though it looks like.

You’re doing something wrong on your phone the moment you stop recording and look at what you’ve captured well you’re getting the full wide-angle effect that stretches across the entire screen this is a fascinating and yes admittedly very weird approach to smartphone videography but it’s also one that I think is going to come with a bit of a learning curve one that might be a little steep for people.

Who’ve never really thought about cameras before if you’re starting up the camera and just want to shoot a video aren’t you going to look at your phone screen when only a sliver of that screen is taken up by the field in front of you and aren’t you gonna think something’s wrong.

motorola one action

I certainly did the first time I’ve tried it Motorola says there will be some setup information that will make that process more clear to you before you get started but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility for people to just sort of take a little more time than they might normally to get used to a feature like this for the younger audience Motorola is trying to go after that might not be such a bad thing but it is if nothing else a clear

sign that Motorola has really interesting ideas and is willing to buck the conventional wisdom when it feels appropriate and really that’s kind of what the new Motorola is all about for the longest time it’s only real mission in life was to turn a profit and now it’s doing what it has to figure out how to grow profitably with the Motorola one action.

motorola one action

Motorola is basically saying we’ll let’s reach outside our comfort zone there were people out there with needs that we’ve never really tried to meet before let’s see if we can’t cook up a relatively solid mid-range device it doesn’t cost a ton of money that’ll knock their socks off in some very specific ways fortunately it won’t be too long before you get a chance to start using this thing if you’re outside the US anyway it’s going to be available outside the US on August 16th but if you’re in the United States and you’re really curious to see what this new Motorola is all about well you’re gonna have to wait until sometime this fall. Motorola one action Motorola one action Motorola one action Motorola one action Motorola one action

Motorola One Action A smartphone with an action camera
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