Motorola first quad camera smartphone

Motorola first quad camera smartphone Revealed In New Leak

Motorola first quad camera smartphone Revealed In New Leak

Just two days after the launch of Motorola’s first three-camera smartphone design, Twitter Steve Hemmerstoffer launched another Motorola-branded device. However, this time, it is equipped with four rear cameras, showing a very unique design.

New design language and up to four rear cameras

In the past few years, Motorola has developed two clear design languages – the Moto smartphone has a round camera module at the rear, while the single-brand device has a vertical camera setting in the corner. But this unnamed model is not suitable for anywhere.

Motorola first quad camera smartphone

Instead of using Motorola’s usual camera settings, smartphones have a range of sensors that are arranged in a square – one might think that the device is similar to Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro. These cameras are located directly above the large Motorola logo and are contained together in a large rectangular projection.

Motorola first quad camera has prepared a crazy quad camera smartphone

Motorola first quad camera,This huge camera module is located in the center of the back panel of the phone, and the rear panel itself can be engraved with brushed aluminum instead of glass. These cameras are equipped with dual LED flash and ’48MP’ brand, which indicates that the resolution of the main sensor will reach 480,000 pixels, as Motorola One Vision expects.

Motorola first quad camera smartphone

Details about the rest of the cameras are unclear, but Motorola may use wide-angle cameras and telephoto alternatives to match the phone. The remaining fourth camera can be one of three: a depth sensor, a monochrome sensor or a time-of-flight sensor.

Yes, there is also a headphone jack

Like the leaked Motorola One Vision and One Vision Plus (or any other product), this Motorola device is equipped with a large 6.2-inch display. However, there are some very important changes.

At first glance, the most obvious difference is the lack of an incision in the upper left corner. On the One Vision device, Motorola uses it to install a self-timer camera, but on this special smartphone, Lenovo’s brand has returned to a reliable U-shaped gap. This is paired with a thin side frame, slightly thicker at the top of the display and a larger chin underneath, which is the homepage of the Motorola brand. There are also fingerprint scanners in the display.

Another key difference that may not be apparent in rendering is the different aspect ratio. The upcoming Motorola One device features an ultra-high 21:9 display, but the smartphone seems to have a more traditional 19:9 panel. This results in a slightly wider but much shorter device (158.7 x 75 x 8.8 mm).

Elsewhere, users can expect the bottom USB Type-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. A SIM card tray and a speaker are placed on top, and along the right side of the frame is a volume rocker and a power button. The left side of the phone is bare.

This may be a competitor for the iPhone XR and the Galaxy S10e.

The unknown Motorola smartphone may be announced later this quarter with other devices of the brand – it is currently developing the two One Vision devices and the Moto Z4 and Moto Z4 Play.

The internal specifications of the device are still a mystery, but the rear camera’s 480,000 pixel resolution does allow us to understand how the phone is positioned. After all, this sensor has recently become popular in mid-range devices and is expected to enter OnePlus 7.

This combination, combined with all the features offered by smartphones, suggests that it can be positioned as a competitor to the Galaxy S10e and iPhone XR, or it may be just under these models, priced between $600 and $650. Considering that Motorola has withdrawn from the field last year, a high-end model designed to compete with the Galaxy S10 + and iPhone XS Max seems unlikely.

Motorola first quad camera smartphone Revealed In New Leak
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