Microsoft xCloud statement came from Apple

Leading technology firms Apple and Microsoft were on the agenda due to xCloud . XCloud, which offers the service of playing games by connecting to a remote server via mobile devices, could not find a place for itself in the App Store.

Making a statement to some news sources on the subject, Apple explained why the game services developed by both Microsoft and Google are not included in the store. However, this explanation brought different questions to mind.

Apple made a statement about Microsoft xCloud
Cloud-based systems for game services continue to become widespread. Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now and later Microsoft xCloud has mentioned itself. However, it is not possible to use these services over Apple devices. Because Apple has rejected Stadia and xCloud. As the reason for the decision, it was stated that the users could not pre-examine and try these services.

Microsoft xCloud statement came from Apple

In the Apple Microsoft xCloud announcement, the importance of the App Store for users and developers was mentioned. While it was stated that the applications offer a very good experience to the users, it was mentioned that the users should try the applications for the first impression. However, it was determined that these two systems were not in these conditions and therefore did not meet the required conditions.

However, after this reason was presented, different applications came to mind. Applications such as Spotify and Netflix in the App Store do not offer pre-use to users. Users need to start subscription service to use these apps. In this case, it is stated in the sources that the decision made for Stadia and xCloud is being questioned.

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Microsoft xCloud statement came from Apple
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