Micronics MANIC X30 Gaming Keyboard Powered by Manic Axis

Micronics MANIC X30 Gaming Keyboard Powered by Manic Axis, Micronics MANIC X30 Manic Axis Mechanical Keyboard


Micronics MANIC X30


Now that the right mechanical keyboard for gaming is on the rise, there are many products equipped with mechanical keyboard switches. But few brands compete with their own keyboard switches.

The Micronics MANIC X30 Manic Axis Mechanical Keyboard (hereinafter referred to as Micronics MANIC X30) is a gaming keyboard that shows a better target sword with a ‘manifest axis’ (manic switch) that suits the taste of domestic users. It is particularly attractive that a high-performance mechanical keyboard can be used at an affordable price.


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Manic axes with a high-quality touch

The Micronics MANIC X30 is equipped with a new mechanical switch, manic shaft, which Micronics has been involved in. Born through rigorous testing, the manic shaft features a chewy touch that makes the mechanical keyboard attractive, fast and accurate repulsion and long life of 60 million times.

Another advantage is that you can choose the manic shaft that suits you. With a solid input, you can choose between blue and white for an RTS and FPS game, as well as a balance between a soft and quiet sound and a balanced and quiet sound.


Micronics MANIC X30


Micronics used Manic Axis, which was involved in the development.

I tried to ride the Micronics MANIC X30.
I liked the time and fast and accurate repulsion.


More colorful with rainbow LED

Micronics MANIC X30


The Micronics MANIC X30 is equipped with a beautiful rainbow-backlit LED in seven colors. 18 different lighting effects are provided as default, and the brightness and speed of LED can be adjusted freely so you can enjoy your own LED effect.

Rainbow-backlit LEDs let you experience spectacular lighting effects.
ABS double injection keycap is applied here. This keycap is more readable and color expressive, making the Rainbow LED effect more vivid. In addition, it is also possible to use semi-permanently because the inscription on the keycap is not erased even after long use.

Readability and durability ABS double injection keycaps are applied.

Convenience and comfort for gamers


Micronics MANIC X30


Micronics MANIC X30 has an excellent response rate of 1,000Hz polling rate. So it shows excellent performance in gaming where fast and precise keystrokes are required. Infinite Simultaneous Input (Anti Ghosting) is also applied, so it’s a gaming keyboard that is also suitable for RPG games and action games where multiple keys must be pressed simultaneously.

In addition, the user can use the multimedia function key for user convenience in combination with the Fn key on the bottom right for the user’s convenience. Stabilizers, noise filter & fabric cables for stable typing.


Micronics MANIC X30


Ergonomic step-culture 2 design for comfortable typing.

It is stable with a height-adjustable base and an anti-slip pad.
The price of the Micronics MANIC X30 is about 39,800 won on the 2nd of October. It’s not easy to find a gaming keyboard that’s affordable at the price, with the right features for gaming and customization. For gamers looking for a good-value mechanical keyboard, we recommend the Micronics MANIC X30 Gaming Keyboard.

Micronics MANIC X30 Gaming Keyboard Powered by Manic Axis
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