Mario Kart Tour Mobile Review RACE AROUND THE WORLD

About the game: Mario Kart Tour Mobile Review

Hello. Today, the game that I will pick out for review. It is the latest game on mobile From the characters in the game that many people have fallen in love with Mario. The game that I will introduce today is the Mario Kart Tour. Many people should have seen this game on some other platform. Today we come to see. About how fun it is to be on your mobile phone. Let’s seeMario Kart Tour Review   Mario Kart Tour Review

Mario Kart Tour is a game that Nintendo provides. This time, the characters from the legendary game series Mario will come and join the speed race. Fight for the number one theme in the Mario world that you are familiar with. Who are Mario followers or who likes racing games? This game meets both of them.
For me, I have to tell you first. That he has never played this game on any platform before, playing it on his mobile phone for the first time when entering the game, it was found that the game has a very simple presentation, part of the game does not look complicated. Suitable for players of many ages, but one feels secret that Like it looks a little too


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In the game, there will be car racing venues for you to play in various competitions.
If you reach the goal, you will receive 5 seal scores, including prize money. In which this section allows you to play as you wish Which field do you like to play?

Before each field, you will have to choose 3 important parts, consisting of the driver and glider. Each part details I’ll talk about it later, but at this point, you can choose as you like. Without needing to be able to match between the driver and the glider


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Mario Kart Tour Mobile Review RACE AROUND THE WORLD
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