Malware on iphone: How to get rid of and protect against viruses and malware on Iphone

Despite the fact that viruses have never been spread on iOS, your Iphone can suffer from both malicious and disruptive apps. This is how you get rid of them malware on iphone.

Has Your Iphone Started Behaving Strange? Do you think you may have been affected by a virus or other malware?

You probably haven’t. Damage programs for IOS have been extremely rare since its inception in 2007, and Apple’s increasingly stringent security has made even the hack you activate yourself to, for example, jailbreak (unlock so you can make changes to the system) work longer.

We should definitely not say that it does not exist at all, but it deals almost exclusively with targeted attacks on, for example, human rights activists and other sensitive targets, carried out by security services in different countries. The vulnerabilities that are exploited are so valuable that those who know about them do their best not to spread the knowledge, so that they can avoid being blocked by Apple malware on iphone.

Malware on iphone: How to get rid of and protect against viruses and malware on Iphone

At the end of August 2019 , security researchers at Google discovered one of the first reasonably large attacks with malware on iPhone users. According to Techcrunch and Forbes, it was China that had used the attack for several years to monitor Uighurs in Xinjiang province. But anyone who visited the infected sites used could suffer.

Before that, the biggest incident was Xcodeghost , a malware program that hit Chinese app developers via a modified version of Apple’s developer software Xcode. Apps with hundreds of millions of users like Wechat and Didi Chuxing were infected with malware that was not detected by Apple’s testers.

Occasional malicious apps
However, what has occurred a little more often over the years are apps that have gone through Apple’s control but contain some type of malicious code. As long as you have not jailbroken your Iphone, these apps cannot infect your entire phone, but it is about different ways of deceiving information or using your device in other ways, such as digging cryptocurrencies or displaying a lot of advertising.

If you think that an app you have installed does something nice, it is best to uninstall it as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to visit the developer’s website and google on the app name to see if there is something others are also reporting on.

Significantly more common than pure malware is apps that bypass App Store rules and ethical principles to quickly hack themselves. These are apps that try to trick you into starting an expensive subscription, apps that track you and sell the information, and apps that are flooded with advertising.

These “ugly apps” do no more harm than you allow, so stay away, uninstall immediately if you happen to get one, and report them to Apple.

Five tips to check if you may have suffered and get rid of the problems

1. Clear out site data and history
Here is a quick tip that can solve the problem of being sent to an unknown site. Go to Settings , Safari , Clear history and website data . Then press clear history and data to confirm.

2. Shut down and restart
Another tip is to turn off the phone completely. Hold down the power button and pull the slider that pops up to complete a shutdown. When your Iphone is completely black, press the start button again to get it started. This too can resolve any attacks.

3. Restore from backup
It is always a good idea to back up the Iphone every now and then, especially as problems with incorrect apps can occur. Read more in our guide how to back up and restore.

4. Reset via computer
If you’ve really been hit by a malware program like the complete hack discovered by Google in August, there is a risk that nothing you do on the phone can get rid of the malicious code. In theory, for example, the damage program can change the function in Settings -> General -> Reset to reset the phone to factory settings, so that it only pretends to do so but continues to spy on you malware on iphone.

The only way to get around this is to put the device in recovery mode (DFU mode) and reinstall IOS with Itunes on your computer (Finder in Mac OS Catalina). Follow the instructions at the end of this article.

5. How to protect your Iphone from future malware and virus problems
The tip is to always update your phone as soon as a new update is released. You can enable automatic system updates in Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Update automatically . Also, avoid jailbreaking your phone and should you still want to do so, then you need to be really careful about what you install.

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Malware on iphone: How to get rid of and protect against viruses and malware on Iphone
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