LINE iOS Update: Support iPhone Long Press Peek Message

LINE iOS update, support iPhone long-press peek message


LINE iOS update

The communication software LINE released the iOS 9.16.5 update, which supports the peek message function that was not available in the previous version. Users only need to press the chat room list message on the new iPhone, and the context menu and the preview window will pop up, but the message will not be marked. Read as already.

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Apple released the new iPhone 11 series in September this year. In the high-end models, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max canceled the 3D Touch touch-sensing function and replaced it with a long-pressed touch-sensitive feedback touch. Many LINE users complain that the original 3D Touch can peek at the message in the unread state, and it can’t be done after the tactile feedback is touched. Now the LINE iOS update returns this feature.

According to LINE’s official instructions, iOS 9.16.5 can support iOS 13’s “Tactile feedback touch” function on the device, long-press the chat room item to display the context menu, including “Close reminder”, “Mark as read”, ” Hide, delete chat rooms, and preview the content of the message, but it will not be marked as read.

If you press and hold a friend item on LINE iOS 9.16.5, the displayed content menu will include “Chat”, “Free Call”, “Hide”, “Block”.

LINE iOS Update: Support iPhone Long Press Peek Message
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