LG takes iPhone 12 order from Apple lg and apple

LG takes iPhone 12 order from Apple lg and apple

New details about Apple ‘s steps towards iPhone 12 production continue to emerge. It seems that LG, the new name that Apple, which ordered iPhone 12 for components from many companies, knocked on its door. The OLED screens of the new iPhone 12 models seem to be produced by LG along with Samsung.

20 million iPhone 12 orders from Apple to LG
According to new information, Apple has ordered 20 million displays from LG for models carrying OLED displays among the new iPhone 12s . In fact , the partnership between LG and Apple is not a new one. The name LG appeared on the screens of various models of Apple’s MacBook and iMac . However, with Apple’s move to the production of iPhone with OLED screen, the supply of screens from Samsung was increased.


LG takes iPhone 12 order from Apple lg and apple

LG was producing a significant amount only for iPhone models with LCD screens . Now, the detail of Apple ordering iPhone 12 from LG as well as Samsung has been reached for the OLED screen. There are statements that Samsung received an order of 55 million.

This year, Apple is expected to announce the 5.4-inch iPhone 12, 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max, 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max models. This means that Apple will actually use more OLED displays than last year. This overproduction process that appears to be also seems to be covered by LG. It is stated that LG’s production will be mostly for the 6.1 inch screen on the iPhone 12 Max .

In fact, at this point, various question marks came up. As a reminder, previously, information about various kinds of problems was expressed on LG production screens in Google Pixel models. However, display problems were also encountered in various LG Mobile’s smartphone models. When it comes to LG and Apple partnership, how the new OLED display production process will develop is also a matter of curiosity.

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LG takes iPhone 12 order from Apple lg and apple
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