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Who is the leading country of technology?

Capital, investment, productivity, knowledge and innovation. When it comes to technology, all countries are in a race. But who is the leading country of Technology?

Who is the leading country of technology?

There are many countries left behind in the 21st century global technology race, although it is seen as the ruler of technology.

Too much metric is used to determine where a country is positioned in the global technology race. The main of these metrics are; technology availability, population usage prevalence, internet access and mobile device usage rate, digital competition score and, of course, financial strength.

When all these metrics are combined, the technology power of countries is scored together with their global financial values. There are quite surprising results this year in the leader countries of the technology announced every yearleading country of technology.

For example, smaller, less populated, but developed countries score much higher than larger countries. Hong Kong and Taiwan are above Japan, producing memorizing inventions like Nintendo, Walkman and VCR.

Another interesting issue is that Kazakhstan, which is a developing country with a population of only 18 million and per capita GNP of $ 8,830, is located above Italy, China and Saudi Arabia. Although Kazakhstan has a much smaller and less developed economy, the Kazakh government’s pursuing a strategy that supports technological innovation and investment, and widening internet access and smartphone penetration causes tens of rows to rise up in the lists.

Russia is another country that is rapidly down on the charts. Russia lags behind Ukraine, which has 14 times smaller GNP than it is, with low scores on smartphone penetration as well as digital competition.

Who is the leading country of technology?
When we think of “Who is the leading country of technology”, the first countries that come to our mind are not the consumers of the technology but the producers. On the other hand, the digital competition score determined with metrics such as demography, financial strength, population and usage prevalence reveals the leading countries of the future. I wanted to share with you this list, which I follow closely every year and question changes in full leading country of technology.

Technology leading countries

You can find the ranking of the most technological countries of 2020 below.

  1. Norway
  2. Sweden
  3. Netherlands
  4. Denmark
  5. USA
  6. Singapore
  7. Finland
  8. United Arab Emirates
  9. South Korea
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Swiss
  12. Britain
  13. Belgium
  14. Canada
  15. Australia
  16. Luxembourg
  17. Taiwan
  18. Spain
  19. Germany
  20. Estonia
  21. Japan
  22. France
  23. New Zeland
  24. Ireland
  25. Austria
  26. Train
  27. Lithuania
  28. Czech Republic
  29. Israel
  30. Latvia
  31. Malaysia
  32. Portugal
  33. Slovenia
  34. Poland
  35. Hungary
  36. Kazakhistan
  37. Italy
  38. China
  39. Croatia
  40. Thailand
  41. Slovakia
  42. Saudi Arabia
  43. Greece
  44. Ukraine
  45. Jordan
  46. Russia
  47. Argentina
  48. Romania
  49. Chile
  50. Mexican
  51. Bulgaria
  52. Turkey
  53. Iranian
  54. Philippines
  55. Brazil
  56. Vietnamese
  57. Peru
  58. Algeria
  59. Colombia
  60. India
  61. South Africa
  62. Indonesia
  63. Venezuelan
  64. Algeria
  65. Egypt
  66. MYNÁR
  67. Pakistan

Leading country of technology Although Turkey has a young population, the dominance of the digital world, the prevalence of smart phone use, even if the lead with features such as financial strength and technological power of adaptation can not get coverage because of the higher ranks as an important speech.

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Who is the leading country of technology?
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