iPhone XI will be stronger than normal laptops and will come with more AI systems!

Jason Cross from Macworld revealed that the iPhone XI or iPhone 11 will use the Apple A13 processing chip that still maintains the size of the 7-nanometer architecture because 5 nanometers are not ready for production. But even then, the Apple A13 will be one of the strongest chips.

iPhone XI

Cross revealed that the Apple A13 will have the same number of transistors as the Apple A12X used in the iPad Pro 2018, but Cross believes Apple will make a difference by increasing the CPU running from 2 cores to 4 cores. But even though Apple may also use the traditional CPU module.

But if Apple actually increases efficiency, we may see the Apple A13 processing chip that scores Geekbench 4 in the single core of up to 5,200 points, leaving the Android device unseen. Scored up to 15,000 – 16,000 points, which the iPhone XS now has about 11,300 points, while the iPad Pro 2018 achieved 17,900 points.

In addition to the stronger CPU, Apple will focus on the AI ​​even more. Last year, Apple A12 developed quite a lot of Neural Engine compared to the Apple A11. It can process 600 million times per second. The Apple A12 can process 5 trillion times in a second. 3-5 times better.

The role of AI in the iPhone will improve the shooting and AR processing better. But have to wait and see how Apple will develop the iPhone this year. Because if there is no strength and development of the camera more than this, it may be difficult.

iPhone XI will be stronger than normal laptops and will come with more AI systems!
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