Thousands of students’ test scores are hanging because the official “cannot process iPhone photos”

Thousands of students' test scores are hanging because the official "cannot process iPhone photos"

Nick Bryner, a high school student in Los Angeles, completed his AP exam last week. Because of the epidemic situation, he switched to the remote site, but when he shot the answer on the iPhone and uploaded him, the webpage stopped responding. Staying on the loading screen, the final result is “Fail”, the culprit turned out to be because of the iPhone’s “HEIC format”.

According to the “The Verge” report, the AP (ADVANCED PLACEMENT) test conducted in May every year is changed to remote online. Students can directly answer online or upload photos of handwritten answers to the website, but what I did not expect is that the test center website does not It supports IOS devices and some newer Android HEIC file formats. It only accepts JPEG, JPG or PNG, which prevents thousands of candidates from uploading files and directly suspending their grades.

Nick said that many of his classmates also tried to submit iPhone photos, and encountered the same problem. Some people said that it was too late to transfer the file through Windows. Some people directly modified the file extension and submitted it successfully. However, they were told that the file was damaged. The National Examination Center failed to anticipate these situations beforehand, and only made announcements and conversion teaching on Twitter, but some students complained that not everyone had a Twitter account iphone photos.

The official also responded to a statement that the vast majority of students successfully completed the exam, and only 1% of the students were unable to submit answers. We are deeply disappointed with the students who cannot submit replies. Nick said that the test information emails he received did not mention the HEIC format. Currently, more than 20,000 students have signed online, hoping to submit answers and avoid retakes iphone photos.

The HEIF format (file extensions HEIF, HEIC) is called a high-efficiency image file format. It can retain more complete picture details, and the file is smaller, which can alleviate the problem of photos taking up too much storage space. But most software can’t support this format at present, which brings a lot of trouble to everyone iphone photos.

The full name of the AP exam is ADVANCED PLACEMENT, which is equivalent to the level of the first-year university courses. Therefore, some subjects are excellent, and students who have completed the high school range of the subject can apply for credits to the university through the AP exam. It is also one of the important indicators measured by applying to American universities. The examination time is mostly conducted in May every year, and only once a year.

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Thousands of students’ test scores are hanging because the official “cannot process iPhone photos”
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