Foreign media: iPhone 11 series global sales out of stock Apple will add 8 million orders: 

The United States, China, and other Apple’s official website show details, the iPhone 11 series can not be stocked, of which the iPhone 11 now orders the official website to wait for 3-5 days of distribution time, the new color matching has to wait longer.


iPhone 11 series


According to foreign media reports, due to the global sales of the first batch of the iPhone 11 series, Apple will urge the industry chain to increase the corresponding orders. It is expected that the order volume will increase by 8 million units, an increase of more than 10%.


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Apple officials have not responded to the above news, but from the industry, the chain revealed that Apple’s order for the iPhone 11 series has already been carried out.

On September 20th, the iPhone 11 series was officially put on sale. At that time, users only had to go to the official website to place an order. In addition to the new color, the rest were spot seconds, but this situation lasted for half a month, the first batch of iPhones. The 11 series has already seen the situation of global out of stock.

At present, the United States, China, and other Apple official website show details, the iPhone 11 series can not be available from stock, of which iPhone 11 now orders the official website to wait 3-5 days of distribution time, the new color matching has to wait longer, and iPhone 11 Pro The official order delivery time for Apple orders is longer, at least for more than 3 weeks, and the new color scheme will wait for about 5 weeks.

iPhone 11 series

For the iPhone 11 series global hot sale situation, many industry analysts have raised the overall shipment of this year’s new iPhone, it is expected that the shipment will reach 72 million to 73 million, and due to the hot sales of new machines, this It also drove the overall iPhone shipments. It is expected that Apple will hit 200 million targets this year.

Foxconn takes orders and is in a hurry

According to the latest news from the industry chain, Apple’s current iPhone 11 series orders are mainly handed over to Foxconn, and the orders for the three new machines are over 50%.

According to sources in the industry chain, since many parts and production lines of the iPhone 11 series are basically similar to those of the previous generation iPhone, they will not appear out of stock for a long time. It is expected that the foundry will be able to add more than two weeks. Orders are given, and at the same time, without affecting subsequent orders.

As for the new color scheme that everyone prefers, the current supply chain has basically solved the problem of low yield in the early stage (the problem of uneven color matching of the new color glass cover), which means that Apple will supply a large number of new color versions of the iPhone 11 and iPhone. 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Relatively reasonable price is the main reason for selling

According to some analysis data reports, this year’s iPhone 11 series sales have been polarized. For example, users in the Chinese market are interested in the cheaper iPhone 11, while users in the US market are more interested in the iPhone 11 Pro series, but three new ones. The key to selling out of stock or the relatively reasonable price of the iPhone 11 has played a role in boosting.

The iPhone 11 is hot, and the relatively cheap price is a prerequisite, especially in the huge Chinese market in the secondary market. Compared with the iPhone XR mobile phone released last year, this year’s iPhone 11 price is nearly 1,000 yuan cheaper than the former, which is 5,499 yuan, which also ignited the enthusiasm of the old iPhone users.

It should also be noted that another reason why the iPhone 11 is selling well in the Chinese market is that the machine will be quickly broken after it goes on the market. Some versions are already below 5,000 yuan, and there are also old-for-new and 24-month interest-free installments for old iPhone users. Payments are the key factors in the popularity of the iPhone 11 series.

Many industry people bluntly said that although the iPhone 11 series lacks innovation, it is less powerful than the previous generation, and even does not support 5G networks, but Apple gives relatively affordable prices, but also accelerates the demand for many old users to change machines, such as There are almost 100 million iPhone 6 users waiting to change.


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iPhone 11 series global sales out of stock Apple will add 8 million orders
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