Completion of iPhone: 11 series Camera Deep Fusion


Instead, select the design and performance of the iPhone launch 11 series is receiving quite a good reputation in the camera output. Now even other manufacturers of smartphones and comparison were this quality in low-light pictures quite good enough to be the target, Night mode is mounted able to pull the meantime sorrow, here’s another feature astute finished the camera of the iPhone: 11 series on the iPhone this will be added.
Deep Fusion is a feature that indigo technologies that merge a single picture just after exposure and three chapters quickly shoot the exposure Pictures, improve the quality of the overall picture.

IOS13.2 is currently only available in beta, available only on the iPhone and the iPhone 11 professional model. For iPhone 11-10000 wide-angle lens, the iPhone is the Deep Fusion Pro 11 features are used in wide-angle and telephoto.

I was able for the first time to use the Portrait mode utilizing the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus models, there was a corresponding function it is also continuous updates, starting initially in beta. Like Deep Fusion features it will also indigo will continue to be updated, compared to one for the first time disclosed Deep Fusion shooting results in iOS13.2.


iPhone: 11 series


iOS13.1.2 Deep Deep Fusion Fusion X vs iOS13.2 O

Compared to the iPhone Max Pro 11 update to the latest state of the iPhone software iOS13.1.2 11 professional and iOS13.2 beta. First Deep Fusion does not show the applicability of the Deep Fusion separately as Smart HDR or portrait mode. The iPhone itself, as well as in one where the original photos to the PC I do not know whether Deep Fusion applications, can also be viewed as a means to provide always a good photo.

And need to check the conditions that apply unable to separately control the Deep Fusion, first, if the rich intensity yen Smart HDR applied when the light intensity is low is applied to the Night mode. Deep Fusion is applied there is in the intensity of the middle, you can see that, overcast yen applied by default when shooting at the normal room. 

iPhone: 11 series Camera Deep Fusion


Completion of iPhone: 11 series Camera Deep Fusion
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