Does iPhone 11 Pro improve sales?


iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

According to network sources, Samsung began to increase production capacity

OLED screens for cupboard smartphones, In particular, we are talking about display version iPhone 11 Pro. Before starting to sell the new generation of smartphones, many experts questioned the commercial success of Apple’s flagship product.

At first, the demand was not very high, the lack of innovative technology was affected, and the design of the rear camera was questioned. But later the sales became more fun. The base model stays the same because it has an LCD on the screen.

How many iPhone 11 PRO have been sold?

Reportedly, Koreans plan to ship Apple by the end of this year (up to half a year) up to 50 million panels. The third quarter ended in September, and as a result, Samsung provided more than 22 million panels. Apple product shipments have recently been recorded. In June alone, nearly 4 million screens were delivered, in August there were already about 8.5 million, and in September almost 10 million. Initial expectations exceeded 40%.

But closer to the end of the year, the supply will decrease. In October, 9.9 million panels are planned, and in November, only 5 million. What happened in December was not reported. But for half a year there will certainly be 45 million-50 million panels.


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Of course, not all panels move to new smartphones, after all, they need strategic inventory in the form of spare parts-Apple service works not to repair the screen, but to replace it immediately. At the same time, Samsung not only supplies panels to Cupertino giants but also has a 90% share. Apple has signed a supply contract with Korean company LG and plans to add a Chinese manufacturer BOE next year.

iPhone 11 Pro improve sales? How many iphones 11 have been sold
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