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The International Space Station will pass from Turkey!

Turkey International Space Station will pass over. In orbit at a height of 408 km from the road and the station’s ongoing research, current trajectory course will pass through Turkey. The transition can be seen from most of our country.

Two astronauts were sent into space with the SpaceX rocket the other day. The two astronauts who set off with the Falcon 9 flight will go to the International Space Station and perform the planned tasks. The flight of Falcon 9 with the SpaceX rocket also includes many firsts.

The International Space Station will pass from Turkey!

International Space Station on Turkey
UUI, which has become the epicenter of space exploration, has been working since 1998. Currently, 1 astronaut and 2 cosmonauts work at the station, which is built in a multinational structure and where the tasks are performed. With the SpaceX rocket shipped the other day, this number will be 3 astronauts and 2 cosmonauts. Astronauts are affiliated to the USA and cosmonauts are affiliated to Russia.

To go on a specific orbit International Space Station will add another one to be made to pass through Turkey. This evening (May 31, Sunday) will be flying over our country from the northwest direction, starting from 21.52. The transition will be on our country until 22.00. The station will follow the direction of Europe and the Middle East later in Turkey before.

The International Space Station will pass from Turkey!

You can examine the direction of the station transition from your current location here . On the site you will reach, you have the opportunity to watch other satellites along with the station.

The transition can be seen especially in the Marmara, Black Sea, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions. In addition to UUI, the Japanese satellite H-2A R / B can be observed at the same time on the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean.

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The International Space Station will pass from Turkey!
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